Magazine review: Jungsheft fuer Maedchen/Boys magazine for Girls

On the 27th of March, the German-French TV channel ‘ARTE’ broadcasted a Danish production about women and pornography, “Die Pornografinnen“. The porn business has been controlled by men, and focussed on their desires, for many years. Nowadays, more and more women start to get active in this field, producing porn movies and magazines, creating pornographic art and writing pornographic literature, not only to express their sexual fantasies and desires, c.q. showing pornography from a female perspective, but also to show we women can handle and like pornography just as well as men.

In this documentary, various women who are active in the world of porn, like producers, actresses and publishers, are being interviewed. Two women, Elke Kuhlen and Nicole Rüdiger, are the publishers of a German porn magazine for girls called Jungsheft, Porno fuer Maedchen. My curiosity was triggered, so I ordered a copy to see what it is all about.

The magazine looks very stylish and contains fun and interesting articles about various topics, interviews, columns and of course photos of ‘Lecker Jungs’, meaning ‘jummy guys’: naked, with and without erection. Because erections are shown, according to German law the magazine has to be called a porn magazine for 18+. In my opinion though, the pictures are quite innocent. Yes, you see an erect penis, but nothing more: no pictures of men ejaculating or having sex. Therefore, the photos are not sexually stimulating, at least not to me.

What I like about the images, is that they show different types of regular guys; attractive, but not crazy muscular or with huge cocks. He could be the guy next door, someone you meet when you go out, or a colleague from work you have a crush on. They look natural, which make the photos look honest and real. And very important: the photos do not have an obvious homosexual air to them, although I am pretty sure the guys being portrayed can also be attractive to look at for gay men.

I think this magazine is perfect for girls/young women who want to see normal, honest pictures of naked guys, and who want to read about topics like sex toys or sexual prejudices/misunderstandings, that unfortunately are still present in our society. I would definitely give it to my daughter to read! So thumbs up ladies in Germany!

Ofcourse there is also a version for guys called “Giddyheft, Porno fuer Jungs”.

Sexy Shopping in Vienna

liebenswert_article_blog32Promoting a sex shop may seem a bit off topic, but actually it is not. Not in this case. The shop I want to introduce to you, is completely focussed on female sexuality: what she wants, what she desires, what pleases her. It is a shop with a philosophy, and therefore it fits to the purpose of this blog.

I have not been in many sex shops. Most of them make a grubby impression on me and seem to be meant for obscure male customers in filthy raincoats only. In my home town The Hague, Christine Le Duc is a well-known sex shop with a more friendly appearance. But I still consider it a man-orientated and cheap-ish shop. In Vienna there are a few alternatives that have a nice atmosphere. You would not be too embarrassed bumping into a friend or colleague there. But the shop I have discovered a few weeks ago, is nothing I have seen before, and in my opinion the best place to go to and have your (first) sexy shopping experience.

nmhw_blog1Liebenswert, meaning something like ‘lovable’ or ‘love worthy’, is an erotics shop for women and those who love women. The shop is situated in a side street of the Mariahilferstraße, one of Vienna’s bigger shopping streets, and offers not only a broad collection of tasteful lingery, (design) sex toys, special oils and other pleasure products that can make our sex lives more interesting and intense, but also thorough and professional consultation, workshops and exhibitions. It is a place I could hang around for hours, feeling completely comfortable with the dozens of dildo’s and vibrators around me, and spend a lot of money too.

liebenswert_article_blog41The best part about Liebenswert is the philosophy behind it: the importance of an enjoyable and pleasurable sex life. Good sex improves the quality of our lives, in every aspect. What makes me even more enthusiastic though, is the fact that the shop focusses on women. The whole sex industry, from sex shops to clubs to porn, is mostly based on the needs and desires of men. Since the nineties women are starting to take their rightful place in this territory, slowly moving things in a more equal and pleasurable direction for both sexes. Liebenswert is the perfect example for this positive and necessary development.