Friends Undressed…

Last Tuesday friends had invited me over to their place for lunch. I ended up watching photos of them, very sexy photos. This one made me beg to please, please have it… :)

Photo by Ronald Putzker -

Thanks, M. and M.!

Male Body of the Week (week 37,5)

I simply can’t wait ’till next week. I need to post this photo, right now. A few glasses of Blaufrankisch may have something to do with it :)

Anyway, mhhh, enjoy…

Image by Samuel B. -

Pilo Pichler is ‘Lost in Translation’

A friend and colleague of mine wrote me a message today, giving me the link to photographer Pilo Pichler and wishing me ‘viel Spaß’ with looking at his work. One of his projects is called Lost in Translation. Now I totally love the movie with Bill Murray, but the photos for sure don’t have anything to do with b(e)i(n)g in Japan ;). I was pleasantly surprised though! Here are the images I like best:

The first picture gives me the impression that the owner is worshiping his cock (and so he should!).
I am totally in love with the second picture, in which the guy seems to offer his penis as a present. A cock can certainly be a very nice gift to receive ;).
I can imagine the man in the third picture looking at his penis thinking “yep, looks all good to me”.
In the forth picture, he is choosing whom to aim at :).
The last picture is kind of funny, but I have to say I have mainly chosen it because I find the guy’s hands very attractive and erotic.






More work by Pilo Pichler

Text by the artist himself:


In meiner Arbeit setze ich Männer auf die Fährte eines persönlichen Zugangs zu ihrer Sexualität, um eine bewusste Inszenierung dieses Verhältnisses mit Hilfe Ihres Geschlechts und der Hände möglich zu machen.

Der Titel der Arbeit nimmt Bezug auf die Schwierigkeiten von Männern, ihre sexuellen Gefühle zu übersetzten.

Darüber hinaus bedeutet ‘Lost in…’ auch ‘Sich in etwas verlieren’ bzw. ‘Sich einer Sache hingeben’.
Der treibende Stellenwert, den Sexualität für Männer in unserer Gesellschaft einnimmt gepaart mit den offensichtlichen Kommunikationsdefiziten bildet den Rahmen für diese Arbeit.