Male Body of the Week (week 28)

I am sorry, dear readers, but it is true. I am slacking with the ‘male body of the week’ posts. There are two reasons:

1. Surfing the net for images seems to get more and more risky when it comes to catching a virus. I’ve had a couple of them recently and since I am no expert, I want to be more careful.

2. I am so pregnant, it has been so hot in Vienna and therefore I am so lazy (main reason for slacking by the way, I admit it).

But today I will provide you once again with a very tasty male body. Hop on!

Source: zemonstashaus tumblr

Male Body of the Week (week 1)

Due to medical reasons the blogging activity on NMHW has been low. I hope this will change soon though. To make up for the absence of the male body of the very last week of 2010, I have a very sexy male body of the first week of 2011.

It is rare that I receive self-made photos which are of good quality and not a handy shot of just a big erect penis. This week I had the pleasure of receiving the following image of a man called T., who has made the photos himself. Enjoy! And: happy new year!