Filament: a naughty & clever magazine for women

Photographer: Lex Machina

What would the perfect sexy magazine for women look like? Would it contain pictures of uncharismatic men, who spend each and every hour in the gym and have nothing interesting to say? Would it have articles about the ten hottest sex positions to keep your partner happy? Would it share the latest gossip about celebrities and their amourous escapades? Would half the content be reserved for advertisements about losing weight, make-up and vaginal rejuvenation? Would it, really?

If that is what you are looking for, then Filament is not the magazine for you. Thank god.

You must know by now, that in my opinion men and women are not as different as we are programmed to believe. We like watching naked men, we enjoy watching pornography and we love reading steamy fiction that makes our ears glow red. We want wild, lustful sex, and would skip the romantic candle light dinner without thinking twice if we know that mindblowing, orgasmic craziness is what awaits us afterwards.

Photographer: Susan Beaver

When it comes to erotic magazines for women, it is easy: we want good and clever articles – about various topics. We want erotic fiction that is hot, direct and stimulates our lustful fantasies. We want images of natural, authentic looking men, men who make us curious, men we want to touch, men we can meet in real life… This is exactly what you get with Filament.

I have the first four issues lying on my desk. Each and every copy has been a pleasure to read. I love the article by Hannah Crosby in issue nr. 4, “Putting women in games”, about games for women and women in the games industry. Crosby says we do not require games for women: “We’re playing these games (games for men) because we want to be in the driver’s seat, take control and kick arse.”
“… all that is needed, is to acknowledge that women do play these games, and to temper the sexism.”  Isn’t it the same with pornography?

A Beginner’s Guide to Pegging” by Kasumi Archer in issue nr. 2, obviously stole my heart :). Other topics you can read about, are music, women and professional wrestling, gay for girls, bondage techniques, recipes, etc., etc. Plus: lots of naughty fiction, and lots of sexy pictures of real men. By the way, Filament was the first magazine in the UK to show an erection!

What I also like, are the interviews with the ‘models’. No superficial chit chat, but questions that offer some insight into the person behind the body.

To all you men-lovers out there, I have one thing to say: ladies, get yourself an issue of Filament, and convince yourself that a quality magazine that is hot and smart is possible.

Keep up the good work, Filament!

P.S: Thank you, Lyn, for suggesting this magazine to me!