Erotic photography by Doris Dannerbauer

It is a hot Friday afternoon. Lady Lu and I are working in the shop, discussing future Naked Men, Happy Women plans and counting the minutes ’till we can enjoy our freedom. Then a woman comes in and asks if she can leave some flyers behind. She turns out to be a photographer – specialzed in erotic photography. Coincidence or meant to be…?

Underneath you can enjoy four images by Doris Dannerbauer. More can be found on her website Zoombeispiel.

Male nudity, captured by Dylan Ricci

h1zg3Being a bit bored this evening – eventhough I have more than enough to do – I felt like surfing for some male nudity. This time I had a good look at the work by Dylan Ricci. In my opinion his work has something homo-erotic, but at the same time I find the images attractive as well. I remember a discussion with a friend of mine, some time ago. He told me that supposedly women seem to be more and more interested in – and turned on by – homo-sexual images and adult films. In contemporay female erotic literature and magazines, the fantasy of seeing two men, c.q. one’s boyfriend having sex with another men, is mentioned quite often. Interesting development I think. A good one too. The more naked men, the better :)

For your pleasure, some more beautiful images by Dylan Ricci. Check out his webpage and his motivation to photograph nudity.






Joe Malina’s erotic male nudes

mapa_1602‘Für die Welt bist du irgendjemand, aber für irgendjemand bist du die Welt’

‘For the world you are someone, but for someone you are the world’

For weeks, on an almost daily basis, I have been staring at this picture. It hangs in the shop where I work, next to the register, and I think it is breathtaking. This image is a great example of how naked men can be photographed in a way that they look absolutely stunning and erotic for women like me. I mean, doesn’t his body look fascinating and gorgeous? The whole image, the light, the composition, it is all very well chosen and tasteful, and… you even see his cock. The image makes me curious, it makes me want to see more…
And don’t you just want to be the woman standing behind him? Or even better: wouldn’t you want to have a similar picture of your boyfriend? I sure do. So about two weeks ago I decided to write the Austrian artist behind this picture, Joe Malina, an e-mail to ask if I could post ‘Umarmung’ (Embrace) on my blog. One week later he came by the shop and we agreed on talking about it in more detail, which we did today.

Malina mostly takes erotic pictures of women. Not because that is his choice; it’s because men are not too eager to be photographed naked. A woman’s body has always been observed as beautiful and erotic, but somehow it has been different when it comes to the male body. Men do not mind to stand in front of the camera with a weapon or a tool, but naked is a whole different story. There are women though who want to have an erotic photo of their partner or boyfriend, for they do consider his body sexy and good to look at. That’s how Malina has had the opportunity to put the man in front of his camera and capture his essence. And how! His images of male nudity are the best I have seen so far. What a thrill to fantasize how Malina would capture male nudity on film…

Want to see more? Go to the Gallery Joe Malina on my blog or visit his webpage.