“The Art of Sex”, a sensual hardcore movie

I have started collecting erotic movies. I figured it might come in handy to have the ones that I like at home. Not ‘just’ for voyeuristic purposes, but for research and inspiration. For who knows, maybe, one day, in a near or further future, there will be a Naked Men, Happy Women production…

Next to some Erika Lust and Jennifer Lyon Bell goodies (I love Headshot!), I decided on bringing The Art of Sex, a Viv Thomas production, home with me. I had not seen it yet; the sensual cover image simply awakened my curiosity.

Every one knows a woman can multitask. Therefore cleaning the appartment and watching a DVD is a piece of cake. The first few minutes of The Art of Sex though, I feared I might end up focussing completely on the dishes, vacuum cleaning and the question wether or not to go down and throw away the smelly garbage now or wait until tomorrow. The music and the images somehow did not hold the promise of anything thrilling or exciting. But soon I forgot all about my duties as a housewife and made myself comfortable on the couch. Mhh, not bad…

The Art of Sex consists of a couple of longer scenes, with some interview fragments in between. All the scenes are boy/girl, with the exception of one in which the girl who’s being interviewed throughout the film pleasures herself.

What is totally great about The Art of Sex, is that the producer has successfully combined sensuality and hardcore pornography. The first scene – which is by far my favorite – starts with both actors being fully dressed, lying on the bed, kissing and carressing. The man takes his time with her: with his skillful caresses he is making sure she is more than willing. I had to think of one of Barbara Balldini’s words of advice: “When the woman is moving her pelvis up and down, you know she is ready.” It is true. I also thought: “Wow, what he is doing, must feel gooooood…”

The sex that follows is explicit, with close ups and the usual order of positions – no anal sex though – and a cum shot. The difference lies in the actors stopping in between the action to kiss, cuddle and smile at each other. You really get the sensation of watching two people who are very attracted to one another, maybe even in love with each other, having super hot sex. Even better is that they are not hasting themselves or constantly do everything fast and hard like in regular porn movies. Another big plus is that there is no music running in the background. You only hear the moaning of the actors – mostly by Tristan Seagal by the way, which is hot.

The following scenes are more or less the same, but with different ‘couples’. Some women seem to be more ‘authentic’ in showing that they are having fun than others, but it is not so bad that it gets annoying. One of the men hardly makes a sound, which to me suggest he is not enjoying it so much. Men who do not moan are a no-go in pornography: half the turn-on for women is hearing that the man is in sex heaven.

Conclusion:The Art of Sex is definitely a movie that appeals and stimulates both women and men. It is therefore very suitable for couples who would like to see more, but with a touch of sensuality and no unnecessary distractions. I would not watch the whole thing in one go. First of all there is three hours of footage on it. Secondly it may get a bit boring to see more of the same.
In my opinion this production could also function as a manual for (young) men who want to learn proper foreplay techniques. If I had a teenage son, I would not discourage him to see it :)

“Life, Love, Lust” – Erika Lust continues the good work

“Welcome to Lust Cinema. Here you will find movies and scenes produced by Lust Films of Barcelona, an independent adult film production company that produces intimate, daring films that are not afraid to break taboos. Our productions, always directed by women, explore sexuality with courage and innovation, casting a fresh new light on the tired and monotonous world of adult entertainment.”

It is true, the world of adult entertainment – pornography – has become monotonous. It is always the same thing you see: the same acts, in the same order, with the same beginning and the same ending, the same camera positions, with the same stereotypical actors and the same ridiculous stories. If any. This is okay for the fast porn ‘Mac Donalds’ experience. Slowly but surely though, people want something different: something that does not get boring, something that inspires the imagination and maybe even triggers deeper sexual, intimate feelings than wanting to masturbate/have sex and get it over and done with asap. All in all, something that has a different effect altogether.

In the last ten to fifteen years, more and more women have started to produce erotic movies – especially for women – with the intention to fulfil this new demand. According to them, a more feminine point of view seems to be the solution. People who know me, know my feelings about ‘pornography for women’. In my opinion, there is no such thing as pornography for women, or pornography for men for that matter. There is simply pornography. Many women enjoy the hard-core stuff that is supposed to be male-orientated or even female-unfriendly, just as there are men who like the softer, supposedly female-orientated productions. It is a matter of individual taste.

To me the way people experience pornography in general has not so much to do with being a woman or a man. It has to do with the reason why people watch porn and if they watch it alone, or if they watch it together with their partners. When a couple decides to watch an adult movie together, making themselves all comfortable on the couch, with candle-light and a glass of wine, the goal usually differs from that of an individual who wants instant auto-gratification. In addition, emotions come into play. The pretty, willing-to-do-everything-babes, the XXL size cocks and endless stamina of the acters involved can make a person feel quite insecure towards his or her partner; the erotic, inspirational evening can therefore easily end up in a disaster instead of a sexy party for two that last till the wee small hours.

Erika Lust of Lust Cinema is, in my opinion, the only one who is capable of making erotic movies that are of high quality, have a very authentic feeling and show original though recognizable, i.o.w. realistic scenes, without them being too artistic, too soft or too female-orientated. She works with teasing camera positions, leaves out the distracting nonesense and shows sexy but normal people who really seem to enjoy themselves and each other. And even more important: her work appeals to both women and men. That is where the real challenge lies!

After having seen “Five Hot Stories for Her” and the short movie “Handcuffs” I could not wait for Erika’s next production. Now it is finally there: “Life, Love, Lust”.

The stories being told in “Life, Love, Lust” are basic, uncomplicated and have a very ‘this could be you and me’, real life feeling. There is hardly any conversation, the background music is contemporary, refreshing and not distracting, and the camera pays equal attention to both the female and the male performers. Speaking of the male performers: they both look yummie and are nothing like the stereotype male porn acters. The first one is definitely an eye-catcher for many women. The second guy is a total cutie that I would take home with me without hesitation :)
I also enjoyed the third story, in which a woman receives a tantra massage by another woman. Apart from it being sexy, it also shows intimicy and emotion. Very well done!

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