The Anal Man Mission Continues

My colleagues and I do not have an explanation for the phenomenon. Maybe it is just coincidence. Maybe not. The fact is that there are days in the boutique that seem to be dominated by a theme, a label or a certain group of customers. There are days where we are mostly visited by women who want to have love balls to train their pelvic base. On another day people are primarily interested in Lelo products. At least once a week it is Lesbian Day – usually that’s on Saturday. And there are days where mainly men seem to be in an erotic shopping mood. It is the men-days that I enjoy most, because let’s be honest here: male customers in a sex shop are fun.

Cover image of the book 'Bend Over Boyfriend'

This past week, to my delight, we had a men-day. As a result I was all prepped for getting anal on their asses. For you know my mission: no man leaves the shop without having discussed male anal festivities. Okay, this does not always work. If he just wants to buy some stockings for the lady, I won’t suggest to buy a plug for his own pleasure as well. But there are situations where me mentioning the joys of prostate orgasms suits. On rare occasions, I have a hetero sexual man in the shop who starts the discussion himself.

Harness De Luxe, Dos santos

On this particular day a man about my age entered the shop and came to me with a question about dildos. His girlfriend had visited us the week before and had bought a strap-on. She did not buy a dildo to match, because she felt he had to do that himself. Good thinking, by the way! And so he was there and wanted some advice. He liked a few models, but one had a face and the others were quite thick. That’s when the question came if I could recommend one.

Share, by Fun Factory

The idea of a strap-on never appealed to me. I always thought a woman wearing such a device looked kind of stupid. But, if you are a woman who wants to penetrate either a female or a male partner, you don’t have many alternatives. There is the Share by the Fun Factory, which is good because the one wearing it is also being stimulated. But the part the ‘penetrator’ has inserted in the vagina can be too thick to feel comfortable, or too thin to hold. Therefore, after long consideration, I decided to give the strap-on a try. That was just a bit over one week ago. I chose a red leather harness by Dos Santos and took it home. Bandito had been waiting in my toy drawer long enough now.

Bandito, by Fun Factory

For the sake of not freaking out any of my or my partners friends, I will leave out the details of how wonderful it was and get back to my customer. My recommendation? Bandito, because this dildo is not too big or too thick, and has a bent shape. Bent toys means they are good for the G-spot and for the prostate. His next question: “Have you had good feedback from other customers?” Oh yes.
I told him that I had actually tried it out myself just the weekend before. Thanks to me blushing, he could tell I was not lying. So off he went with Bandito in his pocket. Before he left, he said he would be trying it out on the weekend to come. I wished him lots of pleasure and after he had gone, shared this rare but positive experience with my colleague, S.

The next day the man came back.
“Hi,” he said. “I was wondering if I could ask you another question?”
Of course he could.
“What position was your husband in?”
My heart started to go medieval on me. Not because of the intimicy of the question, but because of calling my partner my husband. The idea makes me go all wooshy :) Yes, I am in love!
I told him all positions are possible and adviced him to simply experiment, explore und use his imagination. He thought a bit about this, said that this was indeed the best thing to do, thanked me and left.

Now it is Sunday – the weekend where he and his girlfriend are having their first strap-on party. I am sitting behind my desk with a smile on my face. Lucky man! Cool woman!

Photographer: Günter Hofstädter - Notice the Austrian flag...


Pilo Pichler’s ‘Beyond a Source’ Exhibition in Vienna

Photographer Pilo Pichler does not only have an eye for the beauty of the male Piece the Resistance. His current exhibition in Vienna’s art gallery and atelier ‘Kribusz’, Beyond a Source, is the proof that he can portray the vulva in a most captivating and intimate way.

Art Gallery 'Kribusz' in Vienna, Austria

The first thing Lady Lu and I had come to realize during our visit to the gallery, is that every vulva truly is unique and fascinating. Some of the 49 vulvas look like a flower in blossom, others resemble the shape of a heart or a kneeling woman. All you need to do, is take some distance and look. Of course we also tried to figure out which one would resemble our own piece of art :)

One of the male visitors told us that he loved the exhibition and felt the photos were very artisitic – because the vulvas are portrayed in black and white. He said that if they would have been in colour, they would probably have a much stronger erotic effect. His remark made us wonder about erotic photography and the use of either black and white, or colour.

Pichler’s Beyond a Source is a tribute to all women and a clear message saying that the vulva is beautiful just the way she is. If you are in town, go and have a look! The exhibition lasts until the 25th of November 2010.

Atelier Kribusz
Daungasse 2 A
1080 Vienna – Austria
Opening times: Wednesday – Friday, from 14:00 hours to 20:00 hours.