“I Shoot Dudoir Photos”, a guest entry by photographer Mariah Carle

Remember the Male Body of Week ? We are happy to present a guest entry by the photographer behind those fantastic images, Mariah Carle.

Photo by Mariah Carle

“Every day we view images of nude women, yet there are very few nude male images available. Those that do manage to make it to the publishers stands are dedicated to other men. Subsequently, men have a plethora of images to look at – of women as well as other men.

What about us women? We want our images of nude men to ogle and enjoy!

Thousands of California photographers will happily work with women clients, but many will refuse to photograph a nude male… I on the other hand am more then happy to fill that specialized au natural niche!

Here are three common reasons male clients come to my studio:

Photo by Mariah Carle

1. I receive calls from both men and women asking if I shoot male nudes. Usually their wives or girfriends want sexy images of them in the buff. Sometimes guys want to give their wife a unique gift. Many times it is the ladies who are calling me up to set the appointment. Ladies enjoy looking at men just as often as men enjoy looking at ladies!

2. Some guys just like to show off their exhibitionist side. I work with many people who have a wild side: they enjoy the thrill of being nude outdoors and they love the excitement of having their picture taken. Many men just want a collection of great images of themselves before they lose their hair and the paunch starts to show. Other clients are proud of new weight loss and want to show off the body they have spent hours at the gym working for.

Photo by Mariah Carle (ohh, recognize him?) ;)

3. The dirty little word “art”. I participate in several arts shows each year. The majority of them have a very unbalanced percentage of nude women on the gallery walls. I have been trying hard to submit more male art as well as partake in shows that not only accept male nudes, but emphasize them as legitimate art. To be able to submit more wonderful male nude photography – and by doing that change the general attitude towards male nudity in art – men are more than welcome to undress in front of my camera.”

Mariah Carle
Photographer, specialized in boudoir and nude photography
of both men and women.
Website: Bay Area Boudoir
Oakland, Ca.

Would You Pay for It?

According to a study conducted in New Zealand, about 26% of women are willing to pay for sex with a man. I am not suprised. If men are willing to pay for sex, why wouldn’t women be?

Being in a steady and very fulfilling relationship, I am not interested in having sex with anyone else. If I would be single though, would I go to a club and pay to have a great night of uncomplicated sex with a guy I can choose, who will do what I want? Hmm…

You can read the full article here.
Another article on this topic dates from 2009.

How men can be found easier in the dark

It’s not an easy thing to find the right man, not to mention when it is dark… How to pick Mr Good out of all the evil creatures that wander through the night of October 30th?

We have a shiny tip for all the men who want to be found easier tonight – and for women to have a good excuse to look below the waist. It is called Night Light. Switch it on, guys!

Night Light 'Glow in the Dark' Condoms


No More ‘Funny’ Costumes, Gentlemen!

"Hey baby, trick or treat?"

Until this afternoon I had never given it much thought, but it is true: on Halloween most women dress up sexy to emphasize their femininity. Men on the other hand seem to choose to ridicule their sexuality by either going for the scary or the ‘funny’ look. No wonder society still has a problem with male nudity…

The following link leads you to the article that made me think. It is written by Mike Stryker. Yes, by a man! Thumbs up!

Enjoy ‘Why ‘Sexy’ Costumes for Men Aren’t Really So Sexy’.

And next year, dear gentlemen, leave the fake genitals at home and dress (up) to impress!

Filament Magazine has a Chippendale waiting for you…

Honestly, the Chippendales are not the type of men that make us go ‘Wow!’ The Chippendales Diva on the other hand…

This handsome pleasure object does not only have the looks, it knows how to perform. Read more about it on the Love Fun Play website.

Convinced? Now let us give you a little insider’s information: if you subscribe to Filament Magazine before the 5th of November, you could be the lucky winner of a Chippendales Diva and have it all to yourself!

Just imagine a cold, dark winter’s night, being all comfortable on the couch, a copy of Filament on your lap and a Chippendales Diva ready to show you what seduction is all about.

Aha… oh… mhh… ;)