DVD Tutorial Review: The Ultimative Blowjob – really?

Normally I write my movie reviews on gabigirlonline, but I figured it would fit perfectly fine here as well. So here it goes :)

Three days ago a female prostitute wrote to the shop I work for, suggesting the idea of occasionally giving blowjob/handjob-workshops to women who would like to learn the art of blowing from a professional. Her idea fascinated me and it may very well be that we will organize something with her.
I am a bit sceptical about the whole technique-thing, because I have learned that chemistry does more in bed than any technique one think one must have. But still, it is not every day that one can talk with a professional :) Other than that I am simply very curious how she plans to show her audience her skills.

Der_ultimative_blowjobI remembered we have a DVD called “The Ultimative Blowjob – how you can bring him into ectasy” in our assortment and decided to take it home with me. What else can a girl do when her husband is on the other side of the globus any way :P

Unfortunately this tutorial is a bit boring. First of all the voice in the background is not very ‘sexy’. Then there is the elevator music, which I generally find negatively distracting. Finally it takes too long, i.o.w. she takes her time with every action, there is no climaxing and even worse: no one makes a sound (or the sound is blended out)… If the man is supposed to be in ecstacy, it is very hard to believe that when one can’t hear him moan or anything. Additionally, during the blowjob-session, his face is not shown. He could be reading a book or watch TV and we would not know it. I actually suspect that it took too long for him as well, that from time to time he seemed to get out of the mood a bit, which does not make this film more credible either.

What is positive about it: I think this DVD is suitable for unexperienced women who have no idea at all on how to orally pleasure a man. It is better one sees this film first than some hard core deep throat action that might scare the living daylights out of you.  It all looks very affectionate and both the man and the woman are appealing to the eye. I loved looking at his ass and belly, very hot!

But for those of you who are more experienced and who have an enjoyable, satisfying oral sexlife, this movie is not really worth watching.  I doubt you will have the Eureka experience, really. If you have imagination, if you are perceptive to your partners needs and desires and are aware of your partner ‘s reactions to what you are doing, when he tells you what he likes and does not like, any one can perform the ultimative blowjob – sorry, blowhobby.

F for Faking it

Earlier today I was thinking about my ABC and came up with a better F -> Faking it.


Faking it in bed is about the dummest thing you can do! If you fake an orgasm or fake having a good time underneath the sheets, your sexlife will never improve, for your partner will think he is doing a great job when he actually isn’t – at least not for you. If you don’t feel like it, don’t have sex. Unmotivated sex is like eating a piece of old bread. Don’t do it. If you don’t enjoy what your partner is doing, say it and come up with suggestions. Men are willing students when it comes to sex!


On a side note: not only women fake orgasms. Supposedly about one-third of men fake orgasms too… Read more here.
I think I will order the book!

ABCDEFG… Naked Men are Super Sexy!

“When I was having that alphabet soup, I never thought that it would pay off.”
~ Vanna White

Maybe the Naked Men, Happy Women Sex-ABC does :)

  • Anal Stimulation is something every man should try. A man who doesn’t, will not know what wonderful orgasms he is missing out on.
  • Blow Hobby is what it should be, not Blow Job (unless you are being paid for it).


  • Cunnilingus, when performed skillfully, is a gift no man should be stingy with.
  • Dick, cock, penis, etc. are all very normal words for a very normal sex(y) organ that can give lots of pleasure. So why act as though these words are ‘filthier’ than pussy, tits, ass, vagina, etc.?
  • Erogenous zones? Isn’t the whole body one?
  • Fucking or fishing…
  • The G-Spot does exist. It is connected to the clitoris and therefore most women need additional clitoral stimulation to experience the so-called G-spot orgasm. NMHW’s device: don’t frustrate yourself about it. It tends to be overrated! A clitoral orgasm ist just as wonderful and intense!
  • Humor and intelligence are far more sexy than money and status.
  • Idiogamist: a man who is only sexually potent with his wife, but not with other women in general. Aha…
  • “Taking Joy in living is a woman’s best cosmetic.” ~ Rosalind RussellKamasutra
  • The Kamasutra is for very flexible people only. The rest of us have to be imaginative.
  • “True Love is born from understanding.” ~ Buddha
  • Masturbation is a wonderful way to start the day :)
  • “The Nicer you treat her outside of the bedroom, the naughter it will get inside the bedroom.” ~ Anonymous
  • Oxytocin is a hormone that plays a significant role in pair bonding. Apart from that it simply makes one feel happy. So… NMHW prescribes lots of orgasms!
  • The Prostate is the man’s G-Spot. Don’t leave it unexplored!
  • Quality over quantity! Even better: high quality quantity ;)
  • Using a Rubber is only a small inconvenience compaired to having sexually transmitted diseases. 
  • Sexy can be many things: a man cooking a nice meal for instance. Or hanging up the laundry. Or making sure the girl comes first (if that’s what she wants). Extra points are given when he does all this naked – of course.3men
  • Threesome: three sexy men and me watching ;)
  • Underwear is totally overrated.
  • Vagina and Vulva are two different things: the vulva is the visible part of the female sex organ (labia, clitoris). The vagina is the inner part of the female sex organ, i.o.w. the moist, warm tunnel you put your Mr. Happy in.
  • Make Whoopee, not War!


  • The X-Rated sex position: Who said guys are the only ones who love X-Rated things? This position gives you total control, so experiment with different types of stimulation to see what pleases you both most. Your man will love relinquishing power and watching you take charge of your own orgasm. It doesn’t hurt to add some X-Rated noises, letting him know just how good he feels.
    How does it work: take it from the get-go and have your man lie faceup on the bed. Turn around and straddle him — so your back is toward him — and then lower yourself onto his erect penis. Extend your legs back toward his shoulders, relaxing your torso onto the bed between his feet. With both your legs and your man’s forming an X-shape, start to slide up and down. Use his feet for added thrusting leverage. Source: Cosmopolitan
  • Yummy yummy naked men! 
  • Zealously I shall continue writing for the Naked Men Happy Women cause :)

Love, Gabigirl


Yummy Inspiration for the Weekend!

Not naked, but quite erotic photography by Claire Milbrath nonetheless: 21 crotches on VICE online. Underneath you can enjoy the onces I like best. Honestly, I find images like these very arousing, even more so than a picture of a naked erect penis. I guess it is the promise of what can come that does the trick…

Now this is how I like to start the weekend ;)






Mmmm, yummy… ;)

Oden 2 by LELO – Correction

Yesterday I found out that Oden 2 by LELO is not used in the way I thought it would. It is actually a vibrating penis ring and not a vibrating anal plug. Although…I do believe it can be use that way. Oden has two penis rings: one is closed, flexibel but when wearing a bit more tight on the shaft. The other ring is of a harder type of sylicone and could be used to insert and retreive the vibrating part without it “disappearing” all together. In other words, it could keep the plug in place.

The problem with the plug is that it is bent to one side (not up) and maybe not thick enough to reach the prostata. Maybe one of you have tried it out and could tell me if it does the trick of not?

Boys ‘n Toys – Oden by Lelo

Oden_LeloThis week I discovered an interesting new (at least for me) toy for couples: Oden 2 by Lelo. It is the first quality product with remote control that can not only be used by women, but also by men. Just imagine going out for the evening. He wears the toy, you are in control. That could be fun… ;)

If you participate in the LELO Global Sex Survey, you will receive a code per e-mail with which you can purchase something nice and pleasurable in their online shop with 20% discount. Downside: you cannot buy Oden 2 or any of the other LELO Luxury products :/

Feminist Pornography Questionnaire

The following questionnaire by Alessandra, a PhD candidate and academic tutor at the Centre for Research of Media and Cultural Studies of the University of Sunderland, can be filled in by all sexes :) The questionnaire is part of her PhD project which seeks to investigate new forms of pornography, especially those that want to resist stereotypes to produce new ways of showing and speaking about desires. More information about her research you can find here.

To go directly to the questionnaire, please click here.

IMG_1774 copia

Am not sure, but I think I recall this couple being in a short story in a Erika Lust movie :)

Thank you for participating!

This Man Dares too!

“Next moth I will be 55, and I am still young in soul and making women happy. When I was young I always fell in love with mature women. Now at my age I love them all. I have learned to play, to let the women rule.  I enjoy giving it all, finding my feminine and my submissive side. Age made me lose any taboo, made fear dissapear. Now I am not ashamed any more to re-discover myself and show who I really am. Life is more calm, more intense, more coulored… The world turns back into a big play ground again :) I have nothing to lose. My new view on sex is my favourite toy!” 

Thank you Mikel from Spain for sharing your view and your photos with us!

Mikel, soon 55, Spain

Mikel, soon 55, Spain

Mikel, soon 55, Spain

Mikel, soon 55, Spain