Men in Distress

The stereotype family

The stereotype family – has it really changed?

A wonderful article by Laurie Penny of The Guardian, that eventhough it does not handle of masculine nudity for female pleasure, does fit the purpose of this NMHW. These themes are all tied together…

So please read “We need to talk about masculinity” and remember: “In the real world, not all men want to be “breadwinners”, just like not all men want to be violent, or to have power over women. What men do want, however, is to feel needed, and wanted, and useful, and loved.”

On NMHW we sure love men!

More Sausage Please

Some time ago I ‘complained’ about the explicit, male-orientated sex scenes on Game of Thrones. It seems I am not the only one who feels this way. It also seems that in the current running season these scenes have been reduced. In fact, I have read some comments on Facebook and such – by men of course – about the sudden lack of sex scenes (read explicit female nudity) in GoT. But today I found this article on A Plea for More Male Nudity on Game of Thrones, written by a man(!) – which makes me very happy :)

Btw, I like the word sausagefest!

More sausage please :)

More sausage please :)

Danish Hotness

Hannibal - TV series

Hannibal – TV series

Apart from enjoying looking at Hugh Dancy in the new TV Series Hannibal, I also have to admit I am rather fascinated by the Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen. So just now I decided to see if I could find some nice pictures of him and this is the result. No real nudity unfortunately, but nice enough :)

Mads Mikkelsen

Mads Mikkelsen

Mads Mikkelsen

Mads Mikkelsen

Valhalla Rising

Valhalla Rising

Mads Mikkelsen

Mads Mikkelsen

All Good Things…

Imagine walking in a forest and finding this…

Dear readers and viewers,

Some time has passed by since I’ve written my last post. What has happened? Well, my daughter is 14 months old now and quite a handful of cuteness ;)
And just a bit over one month ago my naked man and I got married. I did not really have the time to concern myself with other naked males, but I did think about this topic and where to go from where I’d left off.

NMHW was born in March 2008. At the time I was determined to get the naked male body as a subject of female desire as much into the spotlight as I possibly could. I did my research, I shared my thoughts, reviewed some books, movies and magazines and I posted as many beautiful male bodies I could get my hands on. Inspired by my experiences with the male customers of the erotic boutique I worked for, I also wrote about male sexuality related themes. The feedback on NMHW so far has been amazing, but I am not sure if it is enough to continue…

M., here you are :)

When I started this project, I had already thought op some theories why the nude male is such a big deal: see my article The Search for Cock. But over time I realized there may be a bigger reason why male nude photography for women is not working: women are not men.

What is the main purpose of erotic nude photography (when it is not made to be art)? Exactly. It is masturbation material. Men can look at a picture of a naked woman – or just the essential body parts of a woman: breasts, ass, vulva – and get turned on in such a way that it is enough to make a masturbation session have a satisfactory ending. For me no photo of a naked man, no matter how erotic or good looking he is, has such an effect on me. To be honest, I do not know any woman who masturbates while looking at photos of male nudes. If there are women who do this, let me know! I do enjoy looking at nice photographs of naked men and if I particularly like one, of course I wonder what it would be like to touch that beautiful body. But that’s where the fantasy ends. Something vital, something that men do not really need, is missing: movement.

And another one of M.

In order to imagine if a man is a good lover, I need to know how he moves. If I see an attractive man having sex with someone, I can imagine if he is good or bad at it. If I have the impression he is breathtakingly good, then the naked man starts to turn me on.

For a submissive ‘shiny’ friend ;)

I think men do not need to see a naked woman move because they probably fantasize more about what they do to her than what she might do to them. A woman doesn’t necessarily have to do much for the man to have satisfying sex. Even if she would just lay in bed and let herself be taken, it would most likely be quite boring, but it would do. Vice versa though, it surely would not. When sex is perceived in its essence, the woman plays the passive part in the bedroom, the man the active. Receiving and giving. Stagnation and movement.

This photo I particularly like :)

I assume this is the reason why women do not go crazy over male nude magazines, books or any other medium that shows male nude photography. Therefore the magazines, no matter how good they are, do not survive, illustrated books do not sell enough and no publisher is interested in publishing male nude photography for a female target group – unless you pay for them to print it and honestly, that says enough.

For ‘my wife’ ;)

And there is the reason that all good things, even Naked Men, Happy Women, must come to an end. Funny enough, when I started writing this post, an exhibition about naked men opened in the Leopold Museum in Vienna. You can see some of the art work underneath this article. Not the best photos, but I was not allowed to use the flash :). Although people who have seen the exhibition poster (the one with the three naked football players) hanging all over town were mostly ‘shocked’ or ‘disgusted’ by seeing completely naked men – people have been covering up the penises on the posters! – there were lots of people attending the exhibition while my husband and I were there…

Anyway, it seems people finally do start to realize the naked man needs more attention – and is worth more attention! The male body is beautiful, erotic and sensual and should not be hidden. I hope my blog has made a worthy contribution to this break through and I thank all of you for your support, your compliments and your suggestions! A special thanks is for all the men who have taken the courage to mail me photographs of themselves that I was allowed to share here on Naked Men, Happy Women. Thumbs up, guys!

This is the image that has been used for the poster – and where people covered up the penises…

The proof that ‘Naked Men, Happy Women’ was there. 
Yep, that girl is me :)