Longer Break from NMHW

Hello readers and viewers,

I have decided – regretfully – to take a longer break from Naked Men, Happy Women as planned. As you may know, I have a wonderful little baby girl to take care of now. But due to the fact that I am a full-time mother now, I don’t have time to write new blog posts and surf the internet for new hotties.

The official NMHW website has been cancelled. The blog however will remain. In case I do have more time to concern myself with wonderful men again, I will continue writing about them here.

I want to thank all of you for your support, compliments and contributions and I hope you will continue the NMHW mission!

NMHW Competition!

Want to win a copy of a brand new collection of erotic fiction for women called Cougars, Cameras and C*cks by Amy Adams and Mark Crane? Then this is your chance, because…


(For as long as we have the book in stock!)

What do you need to do:
- Send a self-made, sexy, erotic, tasteful, steamy photo (.jpg) of a naked man or several naked men to: nakedmenhappywomen@gmail.com

– For the first competition you can send in 1 photograph until the 29th of July 2011.

– The photo can be in color or black&white, that’s all up to you.

– Include your name and that of the model(s). Pseudonyms are allowed if either you or the model(s) want to stay anonymous.

– Include some information about the photograph: what do you want to express with it? Why do you consider the image sexy?

What will happen next?
- Lady Lu and I will play jury and choose the best photograph.

– We will contact you via e-mail to let you know your photograph has made us go all whoosy and ask for an address to send your copy of the book to.

- Your photograph and the information that you have provided will be used on the blog for the next Male Body of the Week!

Your photo was not chosen?
That can happen of course, for Lady Lu and I are very, very, very picky. But don’t worry, you can always submit a new photograph for the next competition. The new submission date will be announced on the blog.

Dear readers, we wish you good luck and hope for many hot submissions!

There is nothing wrong with the male body!

So beautiful...

“Like countless American children, I grew up hearing the nursery rhyme that claimed that little boys were made of “snips and snails and puppy-dog tails” while girls were “sugar and spice and everything nice.” Attached as I was as a small boy to our pet dachshund, I thought puppy-dog tails were a fine thing indeed, but the point of the rhyme wasn’t lost on me. Boys were dirty, girls were clean and pure.

We’re raised in a culture that both celebrates and pathologizes male “dirtiness.” On the one hand, boys were and are given license to be louder, rowdier, and aggressive. We’re expected to get our hands dirty, to rip our pants and get covered in stains. We enjoy a freedom to be dirty that even now, our sisters often do not. No mistake, that’s male privilege.”

This is the start of a very open and honest article by Hugy Schwyzer about how we in our society are taught to think that the male body is dirty compaired to the aesthetic and beautiful female body. I can only say this: please read this article!