Male Body of the Week (week 37,5)

I simply can’t wait ’till next week. I need to post this photo, right now. A few glasses of Blaufrankisch may have something to do with it :)

Anyway, mhhh, enjoy…

Image by Samuel B. -

Naked Men, Happy Women Illustrated

Image by Pilo Pichler

You may have discovered the official website of Naked Men, Happy Women. If so, then you know that Lady Lu and I are taking NMHW to the next level.

Image by Joe Malina

Based on the positive reactions of our faithful readers and the growing desire for more beautiful images of the male body to stimulate our titillating fantasies, we are now working on our first erotic art project: Naked Men, Happy Women Illustrated. The idea is to incorporate the work of ten photographers – both professional and amateur – into a wonderful, high quality book. A book that says: men are beautiful and erotic, and women love looking at their stunning bodies. A book that might find its way to your bedside table. A book that triggers your fantasies. A book that inspires you. A tribute to men. The perfect gift.

Image by Doris Dannerbauer

Earlier this year we started contacting various Austrian photographers such as Joe Malina, Pilo Pichler, Karola Riegler and Doris Dannerbauer. Their reactions are more than positive, therefore our hopes are high! We are still looking for two participants, so if you are a photographer who can identify with this project and want to join our mission to celebrate the male nude, feel free to contact us for more information:

We are open for suggestions and ideas, so dear readers, let us know what your hearts desire!

P.S.: sponsoring and donations to support the project and the photographers involved are very welcome as well.

Erotic photography by Doris Dannerbauer

It is a hot Friday afternoon. Lady Lu and I are working in the shop, discussing future Naked Men, Happy Women plans and counting the minutes ’till we can enjoy our freedom. Then a woman comes in and asks if she can leave some flyers behind. She turns out to be a photographer – specialzed in erotic photography. Coincidence or meant to be…?

Underneath you can enjoy four images by Doris Dannerbauer. More can be found on her website Zoombeispiel.

Looking for photographers for a project

Based on the reactions on this blog so far, I have come up with an idea for a book. In case you are a photographer (not necessarily a professional one, I prefer a passionate one!) and like to make good, aesthetic and sexy pictures of the naked male body – for the pleasure of women! – in the style of what you see on NMHW, please contact me for further information.

You can contact me through the following e-mail address:

Thanks in advance!