Porn: do women really want something else?

It has not been that long ago that female producers started entering the land of pornography. Maybe the infiltration in this by men dominated working field started about fifteen-twenty years ago? Anyway, women are there and working hard on making movies that we in my shop call female-friendly, or couple-friendly. But what is female- or couple-friendly exactly?

I think most women will agree with me that the average porn movie is not what one could call the visualization of female sexual fantasies. It usually has a bad story or no story at all, and the acts are as predictable as predictable can be. It is made by men, for men. And that is totally okay. Pornography is fantasy, nothing more and nothing less. What’s also totally okay, is for us women to like that stuff too. Really, it is!

Many of us are brought up with the idea that porn is bad and women-unfriendly. Yes, there are women-unfriendly porn movies, in which the actresses are being forced against their will, drugged, or underpaid. There is bad pornography, such as child porn, obviously. Still, there are producers who pay properly, who use women who are over 18 and who do it because they want to/enjoy doing it. Under these conditions, what could be wrong with it?

Nowadays, porn is not exclusively for men any more. More and more women – young and old – are curious about it. Thanks to the internet, it is available to all. It would be interesting to know how many women watch pornography through the internet. And as I have said, there are female porn producers who focuss on the female porn cunsumer. Candida Royalle (have to it say though: who calls herself after an infection), Erika Lust, Petra Joy and Anna Spam are some of the more prominent names in the business.

What do these female producers do differently? They use nice settings, create erotic atmospheres, and choose people who don’t look like the typical porn actor or actress. Sometimes there is more of a story too.
Their movies are the ones which are sold as women- and couple friendly. Films women can watch alone, or together with their partners. So how come many women – me included – feel it is still not what they are looking for?

Many of their movies look too artistic, are too soft or simply just the same as any other regular porn movie on the market. In addition, these female-orientated films often contain lots of girl-on-girl action. Sometimes there is hardly a man – or even no man – involved. And no, I am not talking about movies that have been made specifically for lesbian viewers. I am hetero sexual girl myself, which does not mean I do not enjoy seeing a scene with women only, but in the end what I want to see, is man flesh. I want to see an attractive, charismatic man, not a He-Man or a Schwarzenegger, and certainly not one of whom you can wonder if he has ever been with a women at all. I want to see a man who looks like he knows what he is doing. A man with sexy skills. And I am not the only one.

Women do not necessarily want a story, although I think it would be cool to see a quality film, like a thriller, with real, hot sex scenes combined. Women do not want candle light porn either (they are just not admitting it to themselves, let alone saying it out loud). Women want to see good, sexy stuff. Maybe not the standard repertoire – that gets quite boring after a while, don’t you think? – but just as naughty. Longer shots and close ups of the male body, mhhh, that would be nice! Something to watch on our own, or together with our lovely, sexy men… Catching my point?

And the NMHW Award for Best Advertisement for Women goes to…

Thanks to one of my readers I have a brilliant advertisement video to share with you!

If there would be a NMHW Award, Reversa would get it. Reversa makes skin creams for women, and I tell you: Reversa has thought things through. On their webpage you can choose different ‘interactive’ videos of sexy men, but be warned: the content of this site may offend women under 35! :)

I have chosen The Policeman here for you to watch (step into the living room and let him prepare a latte for you!). But you can also go here, look to the right at Beware of the side effects, and choose whom you want to come over for an unexpected visit…

Simply magnificent and sexy…

My Nr. 1 Turn On Body Part

It was not easy for me to decide which male body part I find most arousing to look at. You already know I like the popo, but I also love legs, arms, wrists and hands… Hmm, I think I simply like everything… Yes, I am a fan of the male body! But still, I have promised to share my number 1 turn on male body part with you. So here it is:

The Belly!

A six-pack does not do much for me, although it does fascinate me, together with the pelvis muscles. Absolutely stunning! What I like best though, is a normal, flat belly. A bit like in the picture above.
I love the soft skin, the soft black hairs underneath the belly button, and slowly but surely seeing more of them while letting my gaze move down in the direction of the … mhh :)
That is problaby the reason why I consider the male belly to be so sexy and such a turn-on: because it leads the way to another very nice body part…

So, how about you?