Interview “Naked Men Through The Eyes of Women”

See! I am not the only one :)

Interview with Francesca Rizzo

In my opinion women are very visual indeed. We look, and we observe, and we undress you men in our minds just as you do with us ladies. I think that men probably don’t really know what exactly we like to look at – and when it comes to male-orientated porno they probably also do not care, which is actually okay for otherwise it would not be male-orientated – and for that we women should admit we are partially to blame. If we do not tell them what we like to see, how can they know? We are probably not even sure, or honest, about this towards ourselves.

I would like to urge you to have a look on Francesca Rizzo’s homepage, for she proves my point:

If you scroll down, you will find a series of photos with a naked male model, shot by a male photographer. Underneath you see the pictures a female photographer has made of the same model, to show what she finds erotic. Very different, and very fascinating, or?

We should take out our cameras and “shoot” men the way we perceive them as hot, beautiful and erotic – and we should do this a lot more!

The interview with Francesca inspired me to start thinking of a Top Ten Male Body Parts that women find sexy to look at. So feel free to share your Top Ten – or your number 1 hottest male body part – on NMHW! Mine will come soon!

3 thoughts on “Interview “Naked Men Through The Eyes of Women”

  1. Absolutely love your site. You pay tribute to the beauty of the male form without cheapening it. The male body is a work of art, like a fine sculpture, and should be displayed as such. You do this better than any other website out there, in that you keep it from a women’s perspective. I am so sick and tired of hearing women say that they find the male body unattractive. Do they really know what they are saying, or have they just not allowed themselves the pleasure to get in tune with their own sexuality as men do? It makes no biological sense to me for women to feel this way. Is every male body a beautiful work of art in my eyes? Absolutely not. However, neither is every female body a sight to behold either.
    I also reject the notion that if we as women are not turned on or aroused by the naked male body, then we are somehow turned off or uninterested in seeing it. We hear that only men are visual because female nudity arouses them sexually. Does seeing the male nude have to turn us on in order for us to find it attractive and worth looking at? We should not apply the male standard of assessing nudity to ourselves. If I am not aroused by the male nude, it does not mean that I do not want to look at it a lot, and appreciate it for its beauty. I look at it any time I can. Especially love to see it in mainstream advertising and media. In that context, it is always more of a turn on. Maybe because it is an unexpected treat. It is a turn on for me as a women to see a hot looking guy who wants to display himself to me when I do not expect it. It says to me that my desires are taken into consideration as a woman. In an abstract way it appeals to a woman’s need to feel appreciated. That turns women on, and I feel that male nudity in advertising caters to that instinct within us.

  2. Thank you for your compliment and your argumentation! I very much agree with everything you are pointing out here.

    Btw, you are the first woman on this website that has written a long comment :). I thought I would get more reactions from women, but I guess our gender is still not ready yet to admit our desires. There obviously is a lot more work to be done when it comes to women being open and honest about their sexuality and needs.

  3. You state that women are not offering thought out comments on your website. I cannot understand why either. Is it perhaps because there is not one page specifically that caters to comments where we can focus our thoughts as viewers and readers? I know it took me quite a few visits back to your website to even find my own comment. I couldn’t quite remember where I made it.
    Also could it be that not enough women know about your site? I only stumbled upon it about two weeks ago while looking at another site. I have been on blog sites that cater to questions and answers that women and men have and have read many long comments by women on this very issue. Women’s comments that I have read about male nudity can be quite lengthy, and quite surprising at times.
    Keep up the good work. You have some of the most sensuous images of men that I have seen!

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