Women are curious creatures indeed!

“A couple of weekends per year I´m performing as a fire-dancer – sometimes with a leather-loin-cloth. From time to time, women have asked me if I´m wearing something underneath. So I thought: okay – women are also looking for certain parts of a man´s body, even if he is an average man in a certain age like me. And I must admit: I like these questions…”

I have received a couple of photos from T., but this one I like best. If you want to see more, let me know.


“First of all, I´m glad to be part of this website. I have to admit, that I love to see sexy, nude women in daily life – in TV, advertising or somewhere else. And I see nothing bad with this.
These models have admirers like me, so what is wrong with it? Wouldn´t it be worse, if nobody would take any notice of them ? But – on the other hand – if women do also like to see nude males (do they ?) why does nobody show? Is it another kind of view, that women have on males? More difficult to understand? Is it a fault in our society? I don´t know, but therefore, I like Gabi’s Website. And following my little exhibitionist vein, I love to be on her site. Hopefully, more guys will follow – not for me, but for You, Ladies!”

2nd Annual Boylesque Festival Vienna – Oh Yeah!

Bob :)

Friday the 15th of May I had the pleasure of attending the second annual boylesque festival in Vienna, produced by Jaques Patriarque – the ex-boyfriend (if I am not mistaken) of Conchita Wurst. It was just as funny, sexy and impressive as last year. I mean, who doesn’t want to see men strip and shake their tushy ;)

I am not into men wearing corsets, high heels and stockings, but some looked amazingly good in them!
I have made some snapshots with my phone to share with you. The images are not that great, though. Next year I will bring my camera :)

The stage cleaners aka the bears


My favorite :)


And again :)


Lady Lu’s favorite :)


Don’t like it? Then don’t do it!

oralsex1According to the german (s)expert, author and columnist Jana Förster many men complain that most women don’t know how to give a good blow job. Supposedly men feel more “processed” because women think a blow job is a fixed part of foreplay. They don’t do it because they want to do it.

As I read the german article I had to think of my first relationship. Because the sex was extremely boring and uninspired, I often felt I should just give a blow job to get it over with or to avoid having to have sex all together. These blow jobs were affective, but probably not worth mentioning – and not enjoyable for me at all. Also a motivation to consider when it comes to bad blow jobs…

Förster says men don’t just want the “in & out” technique. One guy brought it to the point: just do it the same way you women want to get licked. I think this is a very good tip – if the man receiving is able to let go and enjoy this special treat. I have heard often enough that men are not ably to submit to the feeling. She may be down on her knees for him, but she’s in control of his orgasm. Men who can’t handle that usually do demand the fast, hard in & out sucking like they see in porn movies – so that they can come quickly. A shame really, because it can be so much more.

oral-bananaSo what are good blow job tips? First and foremost I have to agree with Lvstprinzip, which means ‘priciple of lust’ (if you can read german, follow this woman by the way!): if you don’t want to do it, then don’t do it. Just imagine a guy who is not motivated going down on you… No fun, or?
I always say: it should not be a blow job, but a blow hobby. This means the woman giving it should not only be willing to give it, she should be enjoying it. If a blow hobby is lustful to her, it most certainly will be very lustful to him!

Include his balls, the inside of his thighs, his belly – and include yourself.
Lick, stroke, suck, bite, kiss, slow, fast, control. In other words: play and have fun!

Oh: and if he is not able to enjoy all this and just wants you to give him a boring in & out blow job, you can always be a bad girl ;)