Brave Men, ‘Zee’ Germans :)

Is it just a coindidence that I get more submissions from german men than from other nationalities, or are german guys simply more courageous? Well, whatever the reason may be, I am happy with the fact that some of you – no matter where you are from – are brave enough to show yourselves for our pleasure.  


Volker, 34 years old, Germany


Volker, 34 years old, Germany

Miniature Photography by Pia Raap

Yesterday I got my copy of the newest edition of Separee, a german erotic magazine which you can also purchase in Austria, Schwitzerland, Luxembourg and Italy.

I have to say I am very happy with this 6th issue! Firstly the beautiful erotic photography of my acquaintance Thomas Hofmann has been published. Not his Egon Schiele work which you can see here, but mostly his female Shibari imagery. Very nice!

Skipping through the pages I discovered the work of photographer Pia Raap. Her miniature series do not have a strong erotic effect, but they are so much fun to look at that I just could not keep them from you. I am sure they’ll put a smile on your face :)

The sign says: prohibited to feed ;)

The sign says: prohibited to feed. Poor thing ;)


My favourite!


Just keep swinging…


Hi hi!




Would be quite practical if there were tiny people who’d trim our hair :)

Why Girls Dig Male Ass

This weekend one of my readers left me a comment, wondering why I have never written something about the male ass and what it means for us girls. I am sure I have posted some nice male ass pics, but he could be right that I did not give it the attention it deserves. So here we go. Bare with me.

A few weeks ago I was at the gym, doing my climbing exercise on the threadmill. Now usually I do not get ‘distracted’ that much, because most people who go there – apart from a few extreme bodybuilders – are either old or just the regular you and me with backaches or a few extra pounds they want to get rid off. No hardbodies, as Patrick Bateman would say in American Psycho. But every once in a while someone catches my naked men eye.

On this particular day, as I was working my own ass off, I suddenly noticed a man lifting weights a bit further away from me. He was standing with his back towards me, so I could not see what he was doing exactly. What I did see, was that he had a great body, muscular, but not too much. A bit like the statue you see in the left upper corner of this blog. First I just thought he simply looked great. But then I looked closer. While doing his thing he was slightly moving his hips, his ass, back and forth. My gaze was fixed, my invisible x-ray glasses. My brain did the rest. In my mind I observed him being naked, slowly but firmly thrusting someone from behind. I could hardly focus on my own exercise and actually had to stop because my heart tried to pump its way out of my body. Still, it was a great little fantasy that kept me happy the rest of the day ;). It’s the power of suggestion… what can I say.

93cdf2f9254f780743f6300a128c0ee3As I read the comment I had to think of this event again, about the effect that man’s ass had on me, what it triggered in me. In this post you see a picture of a roman statue. This ass is perfection. It is round, firm and suggests strength. It suggests he knows how to move it in certain pleasurable situations. I am pretty sure that’s the reason why women look at male behinds, to assess if he could be a gifted lover. So here we have one reason why we like the male ass visually.

Now when it comes to touching it… I don’t know about the rest of you girls, but I surely like to dig my fingers into a man’s buttocks. Sensing its shape, feeling how soft and yet how strong it is, scratching it, enjoying his response to it, directing his movements… Very pleasurable for the eye and the touch indeed! Does this answer your question to your satisfaction, Vince?

Two Thumbs Up for Tom Hardy!

Actor Tom Hardy… wow… me wants…

No one should give a poop about someone’s sexuality, no matter if the person is a celebrity, a VIP or a ‘regular’ human being.

It is exactly because of ignorant reporters like the one asking Tom Hardy about his ‘ambiguous‘ sexuality during an interview at the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2015 that the idea of people being interested in both sexes or being homosexual is (still?!?!) something weird/uncommon/whatever that needs to be questioned.

I simply say: oh my God, how I’d love to see Tom Hardy naked – especially with another man… sigh…

You can read what happened here. His reaction is great.

Tom Hardy_2


Quite Some Joy from Germany

The following photos are made by the model himself, Dietmar, 49 years old and living in Germany. At the time they were meant as a gift for his wife. Just the fact that he did that for her makes me feel all soft and squishy inside ;) He wrote me he would feel honored if I’d share these images with you and that he hoped they’d bring joy to us. Well, I like them because they do not show too much. They tease and make me curious. And that’s how erotica – at least for me – should be. Thank you, Dietmar!

Bild 1

Model: Dietmar

Bild 2

Model: Dietmar

Bild 3

Model: Dietmar

Sexy Tricks With No Dicks!

So… what do I have for you today: a very informative article called “The Gentleman’s Guide To Make Her Come Without Using Your Dick” on Adequate Man (love that name!). I have already written an article about the fact that women come a lot less than men and that most women can’t orgasm with penis-thrusting-in-vagina only. In this article the author even states it is only about 7% of women who can climax regularly like this. As you know I do not like to blame men only for the orgasm gap, but it has to be said that many men either don’t care to make her come or don’t come up with the idea to do some research on the female orgasm so that they can learn how to do so.

If you are interested and motivated to have your woman feel like she’s been shot into space, read it. And very important: give up on the idea that your have to do it with your dick! It is not about with what a woman gets an orgasm, it’s that she is getting an orgasm. Use your hands, your mouth, toys, whatever she enjoys.


Speaking of using your mouth… I do not like the phrase eating pussy. The image I get when I hear this does not want to make me drop my undies and have someone go for it. Something like cookie monster between my legs. I’d rather call it the way it is: licking pussy. Anyway, comic artist Erica Moen has made a almost wonderful visual guide on how to orally please pussy in a way that cunnilingus gets to be FUNnilingus. I write ‘almost’ wonderful because I just discovered the naked man in the comic has no penis! I guess/hope Moen has a good reason for it, but it does look weird…


Now go practice, dudes!

The Nu Project – Refreshing Nude Imagery of Very Brave Women!

Recently a befriended photographer asked me if I wanted to pose for an erotic photo shoot. I was suprised to say the least, for I’d never imagine someone wanting to photograph me like that. Not that I am such a pain for the eye. I just do not consider myself the type of woman suitable for posing. I am pretty sure my intentional seductive man eating face looks rather silly. Unless I am throwing in my twinckle, twinckle little star eyes, but that only happens when the situation is real – and out of my control ;).

I’d like something like this…

A few years ago I might would have given it a go. In fact, during a moment of light intoxication, I once made some halfway sexy pics of myself as a Valentine’s present for my husband. But after one pregnancy, an unplanned Caesarean delivery, breastfeeding, a depression belly and turning 40 soon I am not particularly luscious anymore. Of course this is the brainwashed-by-society-me speaking. See? I am just as easily influenced by advertisements and beauty articles in glossy magazines as any other woman – although for psychological damage control’s sake I do try to avoid reading all that nonesense.


A man as well.

Getting back to the point: I got chicken and explained to him why I’d rather not. Today he sent me a link to a photo project called The Nu Project. Over 250 women from North America, South America and Europe participated by sharing a nude picture of themselves. The message of the project is simple: you are beautiful. When I blend out all the ‘opinions’ of what beauty should be – something that changes every decade by the way – I do find these images refreshing, honest and beautiful.

One of the Nu Project entries which I like a lot! Maybe I should give it a go...

One of the Nu Project entries I like a lot!

So dear creative minds behind The Nu Project: please continue the good work and – very important!!! – start a male version of the project as well! Because men are also beautiful – especially completely naked! :)

Photographer: Russ Freeman

Photographer: Russ Freeman