A kiss for legalized same sex marriage in the USA!

NMHW is very happy with the fact that same sex marriage is now legalized in the USA, but I does surprise me that a country that is so uptight about sex is faster with this legislation than an European country such as Germany… I am pretty sure though many countries will follow and I wish all those of you who can finally marry a wonderful life together!

For us ladies I wish many beautiful and erotic male-male imagery ;)

Two men kissing, close-up, profile (B&W sepia tone)



NMHW writes on BooksieSilk.com!

11-sexy-eroticOne of the advantages of not having a job at the moment, is that I have the time now to realize some ideas I’ve been having. Some years ago I wrote a couple of short erotic stories. One of them you can find here called ‘Wet Honeymoon‘. I had been thinking of publishing the other ones here as well, but some are quite long and therefore not suitable as a blogpost. Today I finally checked online what options there are to share short stories/novels/poetry online and found http://www.booksiesilk.com.

This evening I’ve published ‘Wet Honeymoon‘ on BooksieSilk. In the coming days more stories will follow. If you are interested, you can find me there under Gabi NMHW.