Ignorance is Bliss… Yep.

One would think that after more than two decades of almost constant reports, publicly presented research results, documentaries, movies, you name it, people should know the basics about sexually transmitted diseases (STD) like HIV. Sadly, a recent national study in Austria showed that 40% of the Austrian population believes that people ‘who live normally’ can’t get infected with HIV. More than 25% thinks that only homosexuals and drugaddicts can get the disease. Even more astonishing is the fact that 10% take the view that thorough personal hygiene prevents infection. Uhuh. And the same goes for other STD’s like Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis and Hepatitis???

Today we want to share a very good example of presenting a solution to this problem in a positive and funny way. Enjoy this great condom commercial made by Aides, the first French association against HIV / AIDS and viral hepatitis. Great art work! :)

Most of us will say they don’t like to use condoms, but you should know that the condom has undergone many positive changes. Nowadays, there are so many different condoms available: for every size, in thick or very thin – but still reliable – latex, with flavours, with colours, with dots and ribs, etc. There are even special condoms for those who have a latex allergy. So no more excuses! Have lots of fun, but use condoms!

Our condom recommendations:
My Size

Information about the three types of condoms and the use of lubricants you can find here.

And last but not least: what do you do with the used ones? You get creative!

Sex inspires!

For The Girls

A little fantasy…

What if there would be a club in your neighbourhood, for women to look at men.
Like a go-go club, but with only barely dressed men serving us and showing off their bodies.

Would you go there? Alone? With your girlfriends?

What whould the interior look like? What would be an erotic scenery to you? Would you feel comfortable?

What type of men would you like to see there? What should they wear?

What should the men be doing? Dancing? Exercizing? Cleaning (women love cleaning, right)?

Should there be the option to have a lap dance – or more?

Would you be willing to pay for it?

What would society look like, if male go-go bars and red-light districts for women would be as common as female prostitution, etc.?

We are curious what you ladies are dreaming of… Share your thoughts!

An interview with a male stripper

A note for those who are reading Import Girl

Dear readers,

As time passes by, I realize more and more that my novel ‘Import Girl’ not only still has mistakes in it, it also needs modification. It needs more depth, more memories, more stories. Therefore I have changed the settings of the manuscript on CompletelyNovel.com to private – which should mean you can’t read it anymore.

My apologies for those of you who had planned to finish is. I will make it up to you with a – hopefully – better version.

Filament’s Myths and Monsters Special

After the slightly tempestuous raging in my last two blog posts, I feel the need to compensate with something good and positive – with men and monsters.

As a teenager I was a passionate dreamer, both during the day and at night. My favourite dreams where about vampires. At first the dreams were mostly nightmares, heavily inspired by horror movies I had seen and the fears that those movies had woken up in me. Bus as I got older, the vampire became my object of desire. In exchange for some of my blood, the vampire would sexually pleasure me in ways I could not imagine. The deal was of course not to kill me – which made it even more exciting and oh so dangerous. Movies like Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Interview With A Vampire fed these fantasies even more. And now we have True Blood… Mhh…

In the editorial of the 6th issue of Filament Magazine, The Myths and Monsters Special, Suraya Sidhu Singh explains why women are attracted to the dark creatures of the night:

“… Women like these powerful and dangerous creautures because they’re bad boys, and apparently, deep down that’s what we all want.”

Of course the reality of a bad boy is usually not as much fun as it may seem. But then:

“A sensible person doesn’t confuse fantasy and reality, and yet perhaps anything we see of hear can change us in ways we might not perceive.”

What has this great new issue to offer: first of all wonderful shoots of men visualizing our fantasies – I love the werewolf ladies shoot and needless to say the vampire! – and steamy stories to match. The smart reading is provided by teacher and freelance journalist Kate Townshend, who shares the why’s and hows of LARP (live-action role-play). Ruby Goldstein reveals shocking facts about sex education for children and teenage pregnancies and Megan Kerr writes about an illness that affects one out of ten women, Endometriosis. And there is more, much more.

Again another issue that needs to be waiting for you on your bedside table.

But beware when the clock strikes twelve…

Book review: ‘Why Men Want Sex and Women Need Love’

The german translation of this guidebook for heterosexual relationships by Allan and Barbara Pease is lying next to me on my desk. I borrowed it from the shop, because this is one book I do not want to own. I refuse to actively sell it to any one either. Well, maybe I would to an extremely unfriendly customer…

The title already promisses nothing good, or? Now let me share some quotes with you, so you get a better impression of how men and women can finally be happy together, despite their huge differences.

Sidenote: since I am neither a native german or english speaker, my translations may not be perfect.

At the back of the cover it says:
“The biggest difference between the sexes concerns sex and love.”
Does it really?

Let’s open the book:
“Men think constantly of sex, women yearn for love – that’s the sober truth.”
Aha… Hmm, what is wrong with me…

What women want:
“Women want men with resources. And, very important: a woman feels attracted to men, who will share their resources with them and their children.”

According to research by Pollet and Nettle (they questioned 1534 chinese women who have a partner about their love life and income) the orgasm-rate increases when they have a partner with a good income. By climaxing regularly women signal sexual satisfaction. Because of that they hardly feel the need to look for sex with other men. That way they make their partner invest in them and the children.
It’s all simply biology.

The five most import things that women desire from men:
1. Love
2. Faithfulness
3. Friendliness
4. Reliabilty
5. Education and intelligence
Hmm, what is missing here… Sex maybe?

Love rule nr. 17 for men:
“When your partner’s cat has died, show that you are sorry and fake grief, even if you were the one setting the animal on fire and throwing it into the ventilater.”
I swear I did not make this up!

What men really want:  this chapter starts with a drawing of the ideal woman. You see a female body that only exists of breast – with an arrow and a note that you can put your beer on top – and everything underneath.
“For most men relationships have nothing romantic to it. They get into relationships because of what women have to offer.”

Men only want four things from women:
1. Sex
2. Vital services (cooking, cleaning, mothering, etc.)
3. Being loved and to come first
4. Time for himself without being disturbed

Love rule nr. 153 for women should not surprise you:
“What ever you have to say, say it during the commercial break.”

Love rule nr. 43 for women:
“On most of his questions a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ fully suffices”.

Want me to continue? Okay, one more quote.

Here the authors talk about men and telling lies. For instance, they sketch a situation where the man looks at another woman’s breasts and denies it.
“When it comes to sex men very much want to tell women the truth, but women can’t handle the truth.”

Eventhough men and women are so different, we do not have be a slave of our biology. Men do not have to follow their instinctive urge to have sex with many women. Women do not need to spend their life criticizing men for their lack of engagement in relationships. We can navigate our behaviour and change it by making conscious decisions.
Men should be more loving, helpful and friendly to women and bring them presents to show their love. Women should emphasize their loyalty, do not show too much skin and take care of their appearance if she wants to improve her worth.

Maybe I have missed the part where the authors explain that they are just kidding and that the reader should not take anything they write seriously. If I did, please let me know! Until then, just let me say this:

Of course we are different. Of course we can mutually annoy each other with ‘typical’ male or female behaviour. Of course it can be difficult to live together. But aren’t these differences also part of the attraction? And: don’t we maybe have a lot more in common than society, the media and so-called experts like us to think? Shouldn’t we look at what we have in common and build on that, in stead of focussing on stereotypical statements that date from pre-Freudian times?

Boy, am I going to be happy getting this book out of my apartment and bringing it back to the shelves. Hopefully it will remain there until the end of time.

‘Porn for Women’ – Hopefully just a bad joke.

At the erotic shop for women we do not only sell toys, oils and dessous. We also have books in our assortment. Most of them are how-to books with titles such as ‘How to become the perfect lover’ and ‘How to find Mr Perfect’, or erotic novels like ‘Beyond Innocence’ or ‘Fuck your Friends’. We don’t really have illustrated books, because there simply aren’t that many that make women drool. But just so you know: we at NMHW are working hard on solving this issue.

A few weeks ago the shop received a book delivery with some new titles – for us at least. What caught my eye: a small book called ‘Porn for Women‘. Not a book about women and pornography. No, a book with pictures. I eagerly open it and what do I see: dressed men looking sweet into the camera or doing typical female activities such as vacuum cleaning and cooking, accomanied by texts such as “You look stressed. Let me make you some tea and we can talk about it. Chamomile okay?” and “I don’t have to have a reason to bring you flowers.”

My heart skips a beat. My legs are shaking. Pearls of sweat run down my face. I am thinking: can I wait until I get home, or shall I take this book, a toy from the shop and have a ‘lunch’ break in the bathroom right now?

Okay. Seriously. Is this meant to be a joke? I guess so. I hope so. If so, I find the title misleading and quite stereotypical. Better would be: ‘What men can do to annoy women a little less – and make women love them a little more’.

This is what women expect when opening a book called ‘Porn for Women':

Here is a good example…

'Adam and Eve', by Artem Yankovsky


Does Size Matter?

People who say that size does not matter, lie. It is as simple as that.
Not because every penis should be ‘big’. Whatever ‘big’ may be.
Because size does matter… if it does not fit.

Whenever the opportunity is there, men compare penises with each other. They do it as kids, they do it as adults. It is something men can easily do, because the penis is out there for every one to see. It is not a hidden sex organ, like the vagina. Therefore, women cannot compare vagina’s. I guess that is also why the size of the vagina is not as big a theme as the size of a penis.

Just a little but important side note: I am not talking about the vulva, which is the name for the external female genital organs (outer and inner labia, clitoris, mons pubis). The vagina is the internal structure. Many people – including so-called experts on female sexuality – still don’t know the difference between the vulva and the vagina. It is sad, I know.

Anyway, the point is that women have different sized vagina’s, just as men have different sized cocks. Some vagina’s are so tight and ‘small’, that women have a hard time inserting a small tampon. Others are so ‘big’, that both women and their male sex partners sense little to nothing during sexual intercourse. A man may be the proud owner of a ‘big’ penis, but if he has found himself a woman with a small vagina, the size does matter – because intercourse can become a painful experience for both of them. Same goes for the vice versa. Good thing though that we have the ability to be creative when it comes to sex, for we have many body parts – and lots of toys at our disposal. There are more ways than one to please a woman you know. You only need your imagination ;)

Small or big, thin or thick, it is all about the match. And what is beautiful, or what is not, lies in the eye of the beholder:

Good Lord Boyet, my beauty, though but mean,
Needs not the painted flourish of your praise:
Beauty is bought by judgement of the eye,
Not utter’d by base sale of chapmen’s tongues.

William Shakespeare’s “Love’s Labours Lost”, 1588

P.S: Last night I received some remarks on Facebook from male friends of mine about the penis comparision part in this article, saying that they “never asked other men to have a look at theirs”, and so forth. I believe that :) What I meant though, is that there are certain situations where I am pretty sure men do peek at their neighbour’s exemplar. For instance on the toilet (if it is one where men are peeing next to each other). Or under the shower after gymnastics or fitness. Or while watching an erotic movie, or looking at erotic photos. You cannot tell me that in those situations there is no comparion in the head going on… In fact, show me a woman who has never heard a man questioning the size of his cock.

Male Body of the Week (week 41)

Photo by Mariah Carle

On the weekend we received a message from a man called Martin, asking if Naked Men, Happy Women would be interested in posting some nude pictures of himself. He writes:

“I’ve been looking for a website like yours for while, from women, for women. I enjoy exposing myself for women and was wondering if you’re interested in nude pictures of me. I’ve attached one, and would be honored if you used it on your website. Obviously, I have a rather tiny penis, so I’m not sure if that fits with the theme of your website. If you like them though, I have more of them and I can send you a link to where you can find them online.”

Image by Mariah Carle


It is true that on most, or maybe even every photo on this blog, the men who show all have ‘regular’ to ‘bigger’ sized penises. It is not on purpose though. When we choose to post an image, we look at the whole body and the style of the photo, and not the size of the penis. Until now we’d never stumbled upon good photos of naked men with smaller cocks. Thanks to Martin though, we have a few goodies to share with you ladies! Enjoy!

Image by Mariah Carle


Something to think about:

What is regular?
What is big?
What is small?

Image by Mariah Carle


“Beauty in things exists merely in the mind which contemplates them.”

- David Hume’s Essays, Moral and Political, 1742

Want to see more of Martin? Check out his group.