“I have to tell you that I’m soooooo loving visiting your site every week. It’s like a little treat just for me (that I sometimes share with my husband who just nods and tries not to roll his eyes) to anticipate and sigh over and enjoy. Thanks again for having such a cool site. “

A compliment like the one above is what keeps us going! Thank you, Angelia! We hope you like the following two images of Jared Padalecki :)

Imagine being a fan and being able to this...

In our opinion the towel is really not necessary

I simply can’t wait ’till next week. I need to post this photo, right now. A few glasses of Blaufrankisch may have something to do with it :)

Anyway, mhhh, enjoy…

Image by Samuel B. - http://www.meineknipserei.at

Working in a boutique that sells erotic ‘lifestyle’ products for women and those who love women, means my knowledge on what comes out on the market needs to be up to date. I am therefore very thankful when people send me messages with information about the newest pleasurable inventions, like the Form 3 by JIMMYJANE. Thanks, Andy!

Form 3 does not look very erotic – in fact, it looks a bit like a computer mouse, doesn’t it?- but when you take a few minutes to watch the commercial video, which in my opinion is well made, you will get an idea of what this waterproof, rechargeable vibrator is capable of. Or?

The video focusses on the female pleasure zones. At some point during the explanation though, the friendly female voice mentions that Form 3 is also ideal for ‘couple sex’. Oh, aha, now it is getting interesting!

“During sex Form 3 is slender enough to be held between your bodies, so that the lip(?) vibrates against the clitoris. Feel free to experiment what feels best for the both of you.”

Okay, that with the clitoris is obvious. I can imagine how this can be particularly fun for two ladies :).
But how about a hetero sexual couple? Of just a man? I see options… Aren’t they mentioned because we don’t talk about the penis, the testicles and the perineum in a commercial video or advertisement, or is it just lack of imagination? I hope the latter.

P.S: gonna get me – us – one anyway :P

Two Naked Men, One Very Happy Woman :)

Image by Pilo Pichler

You may have discovered the official website of Naked Men, Happy Women. If so, then you know that Lady Lu and I are taking NMHW to the next level.

Image by Joe Malina

Based on the positive reactions of our faithful readers and the growing desire for more beautiful images of the male body to stimulate our titillating fantasies, we are now working on our first erotic art project: Naked Men, Happy Women Illustrated. The idea is to incorporate the work of ten photographers – both professional and amateur – into a wonderful, high quality book. A book that says: men are beautiful and erotic, and women love looking at their stunning bodies. A book that might find its way to your bedside table. A book that triggers your fantasies. A book that inspires you. A tribute to men. The perfect gift.

Image by Doris Dannerbauer

Earlier this year we started contacting various Austrian photographers such as Joe Malina, Pilo Pichler, Karola Riegler and Doris Dannerbauer. Their reactions are more than positive, therefore our hopes are high! We are still looking for two participants, so if you are a photographer who can identify with this project and want to join our mission to celebrate the male nude, feel free to contact us for more information:


We are open for suggestions and ideas, so dear readers, let us know what your hearts desire!

P.S.: sponsoring and donations to support the project and the photographers involved are very welcome as well.

I don’t care much how men dress. But I guess I like them best with jeans and a T-shirt – or naked of course. What I really do not like though, what really turns me off, are skater pants. Why don’t I like them? Because the pants do the male behind no good. In fact, you don’t see the male behind at all. And boys, that’s a shame! So: take an example by Josh Wald and go for the natural look. The girls in your neighbourhood will love it!

Josh Wald

I could not find a bigger image, which is a shame…

Image by Duane Michals

Thanks to Mary, we have the written text:

The most beautiful part of a man’s body

I think it must be there,
Where the torso sits on or into the hips
Those twin delineating curves
Feminine in grace, girdling the trunk
Guiding the eyes downwards to their intersection
The point of pleasure

Image by Frank Scylla

Stranded… what a find…

Image by Edna Bullock

I have started collecting erotic movies. I figured it might come in handy to have the ones that I like at home. Not ‘just’ for voyeuristic purposes, but for research and inspiration. For who knows, maybe, one day, in a near or further future, there will be a Naked Men, Happy Women production…

Next to some Erika Lust and Jennifer Lyon Bell goodies (I love Headshot!), I decided on bringing The Art of Sex, a Viv Thomas production, home with me. I had not seen it yet; the sensual cover image simply awakened my curiosity.

Every one knows a woman can multitask. Therefore cleaning the appartment and watching a DVD is a piece of cake. The first few minutes of The Art of Sex though, I feared I might end up focussing completely on the dishes, vacuum cleaning and the question wether or not to go down and throw away the smelly garbage now or wait until tomorrow. The music and the images somehow did not hold the promise of anything thrilling or exciting. But soon I forgot all about my duties as a housewife and made myself comfortable on the couch. Mhh, not bad…

The Art of Sex consists of a couple of longer scenes, with some interview fragments in between. All the scenes are boy/girl, with the exception of one in which the girl who’s being interviewed throughout the film pleasures herself.

What is totally great about The Art of Sex, is that the producer has successfully combined sensuality and hardcore pornography. The first scene – which is by far my favorite – starts with both actors being fully dressed, lying on the bed, kissing and carressing. The man takes his time with her: with his skillful caresses he is making sure she is more than willing. I had to think of one of Barbara Balldini’s words of advice: “When the woman is moving her pelvis up and down, you know she is ready.” It is true. I also thought: “Wow, what he is doing, must feel gooooood…”

The sex that follows is explicit, with close ups and the usual order of positions – no anal sex though – and a cum shot. The difference lies in the actors stopping in between the action to kiss, cuddle and smile at each other. You really get the sensation of watching two people who are very attracted to one another, maybe even in love with each other, having super hot sex. Even better is that they are not hasting themselves or constantly do everything fast and hard like in regular porn movies. Another big plus is that there is no music running in the background. You only hear the moaning of the actors – mostly by Tristan Seagal by the way, which is hot.

The following scenes are more or less the same, but with different ‘couples’. Some women seem to be more ‘authentic’ in showing that they are having fun than others, but it is not so bad that it gets annoying. One of the men hardly makes a sound, which to me suggest he is not enjoying it so much. Men who do not moan are a no-go in pornography: half the turn-on for women is hearing that the man is in sex heaven.

Conclusion:The Art of Sex is definitely a movie that appeals and stimulates both women and men. It is therefore very suitable for couples who would like to see more, but with a touch of sensuality and no unnecessary distractions. I would not watch the whole thing in one go. First of all there is three hours of footage on it. Secondly it may get a bit boring to see more of the same.
In my opinion this production could also function as a manual for (young) men who want to learn proper foreplay techniques. If I had a teenage son, I would not discourage him to see it :)

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