This is how all men should be waiting for their women to come home from work: naked and anxiously…

Because it is raining, we have a little extra something for you: two round jummies, mhh… ;)

People who say that size does not matter, lie. It is as simple as that.
Not because every penis should be ‘big’. Whatever ‘big’ may be.
Because size does matter… if it does not fit.

Whenever the opportunity is there, men compare penises with each other. They do it as kids, they do it as adults. It is something men can easily do, because the penis is out there for every one to see. It is not a hidden sex organ, like the vagina. Therefore, women cannot compare vagina’s. I guess that is also why the size of the vagina is not as big a theme as the size of a penis.

Just a little but important side note: I am not talking about the vulva, which is the name for the external female genital organs (outer and inner labia, clitoris, mons pubis). The vagina is the internal structure. Many people – including so-called experts on female sexuality – still don’t know the difference between the vulva and the vagina. It is sad, I know.

Anyway, the point is that women have different sized vagina’s, just as men have different sized cocks. Some vagina’s are so tight and ‘small’, that women have a hard time inserting a small tampon. Others are so ‘big’, that both women and their male sex partners sense little to nothing during sexual intercourse. A man may be the proud owner of a ‘big’ penis, but if he has found himself a woman with a small vagina, the size does matter – because intercourse can become a painful experience for both of them. Same goes for the vice versa. Good thing though that we have the ability to be creative when it comes to sex, for we have many body parts – and lots of toys at our disposal. There are more ways than one to please a woman you know. You only need your imagination ;)

Small or big, thin or thick, it is all about the match. And what is beautiful, or what is not, lies in the eye of the beholder:

Good Lord Boyet, my beauty, though but mean,
Needs not the painted flourish of your praise:
Beauty is bought by judgement of the eye,
Not utter’d by base sale of chapmen’s tongues.

William Shakespeare’s “Love’s Labours Lost”, 1588

P.S: Last night I received some remarks on Facebook from male friends of mine about the penis comparision part in this article, saying that they “never asked other men to have a look at theirs”, and so forth. I believe that :) What I meant though, is that there are certain situations where I am pretty sure men do peek at their neighbour’s exemplar. For instance on the toilet (if it is one where men are peeing next to each other). Or under the shower after gymnastics or fitness. Or while watching an erotic movie, or looking at erotic photos. You cannot tell me that in those situations there is no comparion in the head going on… In fact, show me a woman who has never heard a man questioning the size of his cock.

Photo by Mariah Carle

On the weekend we received a message from a man called Martin, asking if Naked Men, Happy Women would be interested in posting some nude pictures of himself. He writes:

“I’ve been looking for a website like yours for while, from women, for women. I enjoy exposing myself for women and was wondering if you’re interested in nude pictures of me. I’ve attached one, and would be honored if you used it on your website. Obviously, I have a rather tiny penis, so I’m not sure if that fits with the theme of your website. If you like them though, I have more of them and I can send you a link to where you can find them online.”

Image by Mariah Carle


It is true that on most, or maybe even every photo on this blog, the men who show all have ‘regular’ to ‘bigger’ sized penises. It is not on purpose though. When we choose to post an image, we look at the whole body and the style of the photo, and not the size of the penis. Until now we’d never stumbled upon good photos of naked men with smaller cocks. Thanks to Martin though, we have a few goodies to share with you ladies! Enjoy!

Image by Mariah Carle


Something to think about:

What is regular?
What is big?
What is small?

Image by Mariah Carle


“Beauty in things exists merely in the mind which contemplates them.”

- David Hume’s Essays, Moral and Political, 1742

Want to see more of Martin? Check out his group.

Autumn has definitely come to town. The days are shorter, darker, cold and windy. It’s depressing, especially after the unusually short Summer we had here in Austria. But it is the way it is.
The best thing to do now, is to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie that makes one feel… warm inside ;)

I remember my parents having Body Heat (1981) on video. I also remember seeing some ‘alarming’ scenes. Alarming for a 8 or 9 years old of course. Because in the end, you really don’t see anything. Still, I felt safer peeking secretly through the spread fingers in front of my eyes. That’s how I recall the followng scene:

P.S.: it is not in English, but it is not about the spoken words. It is about the sexual tension between the characters.

This part of the movie has left an imprint in my mind of how the chemistry, the sexual heat between a man and a woman should be. The way William Hurt is looking at Kathleen Turner, the way he tries to get into her house, how he then walks up to her and takes her… Woah… sigh… That is so erotic. And he is not even naked…

“Hey girl, are you going to tie me up or what?”

Forgot to write down the source, sorry!

I do not check my Twitter account often enough. I should though. Today I stumbled unpon a Tweet by Erika Lust. It is naughty, but also quite funny. And even better: there are a couple of well-shaped male bodies to admire in action. Well, air action that is.

Unsurprisingly, these sexy contests originate from… yes, a Japanese TV show called Japanorama.
The trend is spreading though. Austria had it’s first Air Sex Championship in September 2009. The World Air Sex Championship is being held in America and has its kick off in October this year. Can you fake it?

A man, submitted to the passion of a woman.
She holds him in place.
He holds her in place.
He wants to be at her mercy.
Who is in control…

An exciting image!

Last Tuesday friends had invited me over to their place for lunch. I ended up watching photos of them, very sexy photos. This one made me beg to please, please have it… :)

Photo by Ronald Putzker -

Thanks, M. and M.!

Finally Naked Men, Happy Women has an official page on facebook!

His skin, the shape of his shoulder, the fingers grabbing his flesh…

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"Lust is a lovely word and makes love so much more interesting."

~ Michael Faudet


"I love the male body. It's better designed than the male mind."

- Andrea Newman

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"The male nude is not shown as frequently as the female nude, so the conditioning is not there for most women as it is for men."

- Vivienne Maricevic


"Within cultural practice generally, a male's body is not anatomized nor is it ever made into an object of study in the same way as female bodies."

- Maxine Sheets-Johnstone


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