Mhh, what is he doing…

Women like presents: the more the better. Although Valentine’s day is more about revealing secret feelings for an unsuspicious love target, many couples celebrate this day as well. I have my present ready and waiting. What could my man give me… a naked photo session maybe? Please?

Thanks to one of my readers I have a brilliant advertisement video to share with you!

If there would be a NMHW Award, Reversa would get it. Reversa makes skin creams for women, and I tell you: Reversa has thought things through. On their webpage you can choose different ‘interactive’ videos of sexy men, but be warned: the content of this site may offend women under 35! :)

I have chosen The Policeman here for you to watch (step into the living room and let him prepare a latte for you!). But you can also go here, look to the right at Beware of the side effects, and choose whom you want to come over for an unexpected visit…

Simply magnificent and sexy…

It is getting more and more difficult to find good, new images, but this one is certainly not bad. Plus: I like men with tattoos.

It was not easy for me to decide which male body part I find most arousing to look at. You already know I like the popo, but I also love legs, arms, wrists and hands… Hmm, I think I simply like everything… Yes, I am a fan of the male body! But still, I have promised to share my number 1 turn on male body part with you. So here it is:

The Belly!

A six-pack does not do much for me, although it does fascinate me, together with the pelvis muscles. Absolutely stunning! What I like best though, is a normal, flat belly. A bit like in the picture above.
I love the soft skin, the soft black hairs underneath the belly button, and slowly but surely seeing more of them while letting my gaze move down in the direction of the … mhh :)
That is problaby the reason why I consider the male belly to be so sexy and such a turn-on: because it leads the way to another very nice body part…

So, how about you?


Correction: for me :)

A few months ago this blog caught the attention of Loren Johnson, a Tantric Yoga and Chi Kung instructor. He asked me to have a look at his webpage and give him my opinion. I felt very honored, but also a bit unsure on what to say.
I do not know much about Yoga in general, and my knowledge of Tantric Yoga is minimal as well. But what I could comment on, were the images and the short video – and give him my opinion as a woman observing a naked man practising tantric yoga.

The video made me curious, which was the first positive comment I had to offer:). In return Loren offered to send me the whole DVD. It has taken a while for me to receive it, but today I finally got lucky! I have just finished watching the instructional DVD twice. The first time I simply let the images flow over me. The second time I paid more attention to the information.

The DVD is not too esoteric or fancy pancy. I actually find it quite down to earth. All you see, is a man exercising in an empty room. The images of the man are direct, but not in an embarrasing way. The music in the background is quite relaxing (you have the option to switch it off) and the information being given clear and thorough.

From a female point of view, I (of course!) enjoyed watching the male nudity in such an open and honest way. In addition, I have learned some new and useful techniques that I can practise on my partner, which makes Loren’s Tantric Yoga not only interesting for men, but for men-loving-women as well.
In short: if I would be a man – and unfortunately in this case I am not – I would feel motivated to start doing the exercises, which are being shown by Loren himself by the way. A beautiful and sexy naked man!

Thank you Loren!

Thanks, R.!

Just watch and enjoy his gorgeous body! Me happy \o/

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"I love the male body. It's better designed than the male mind."

- Andrea Newman

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"The male nude is not shown as frequently as the female nude, so the conditioning is not there for most women as it is for men."

- Vivienne Maricevic


"Within cultural practice generally, a male's body is not anatomized nor is it ever made into an object of study in the same way as female bodies."

- Maxine Sheets-Johnstone


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