Did I ever mention I like a naked man in the morning, lying in bed, still half asleep? I see a window of opportunity ;)

Vivienne Maricevic

The Reversa advertisement inspired me to write an erotic recipe. Check out my Melted Woman on the webiste and tell me what you think!

Naked Men, Happy Women wishes you all a wonderful weekend, with lots and lots of egg-searching, wild chocolate orgies and cuddly rabbits. And ladies, be nice to your special bunny!

Say to a woman that she looks so great, that she has a beautiful body, and that you want to photograph her naked, she will most likely blush, deny how good she looks, but in the end say yes to an afternoon of being a model and the center of your camera’s attention.

Say to a man that he looks so great, that he has a sexy body and that you want to photograph him, he mostly will act shyly and say no. You beg. No. “Your face does not need to be on it, you also don’t have to be completely naked.” The answer stays no.

How come it is so hard to find men who are willing to show their beautiful bodies to us? I have asked friends, I have written a post on Facebook, but so far no good. It does not even help that it is for a good cause, namely an erotic art project.

Are men really so shy? Are they insecure? Or have they simply forgotten how to do it? Please let it be the latter… And if that is the case: the following picture should refresh their memory, step by step :)

For this week I have chosen two images by Samuel B. I could not choose. Hence Bodies :)
I saw the first image in the new issue of Feigenblatt Magazine, and decided to write the photographer an e-mail to ask if I could post it on NMHW. He wrote me back, said yes and gave me another image to share with you as well. For more images, click here.

The progress is slow, but this evening I did manage to add some content on the NMHW website. I have posted some photos of Pilo Pichler and Joe Malina, plus a short erotic movie and a trailer by movie director Erika Lust. I’d say: have a look!
And uh… hands above the blanket tonight ;)

Very kissable picture :P

At the moment my struggle with the new website is eating up all my spare time. But I do not want to ignore my faithful readers/viewers, so here some great photos by Norbert Guthier. Needless to say – for those who know me – I like the third one best :)

Information about the artist will follow shortly.

It has taken me a few sleepless nights to finally create the official Naked Men, Happy Women website! Huray!
Content will come in the following weeks.

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"I love the male body. It's better designed than the male mind."

- Andrea Newman

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"The male nude is not shown as frequently as the female nude, so the conditioning is not there for most women as it is for men."

- Vivienne Maricevic


"Within cultural practice generally, a male's body is not anatomized nor is it ever made into an object of study in the same way as female bodies."

- Maxine Sheets-Johnstone


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