Yes, I am ashamed. I skipped the Male Body of Week 30. Let’s just say I had to focus on other important issues in my life. But now that I see things clearly and in perspective again, I am able to concentrate once more on the mystery and beauty of the male corpus. Enjoy!

This photo is from one of the Filament Magazine issues. I love looking at the belly and chest of this sexy guy :)

Not much body this week, but nevertheless a very erotic image…

Photo by Kevin McDermott

It is a hot Friday afternoon. Lady Lu and I are working in the shop, discussing future Naked Men, Happy Women plans and counting the minutes ’till we can enjoy our freedom. Then a woman comes in and asks if she can leave some flyers behind. She turns out to be a photographer – specialzed in erotic photography. Coincidence or meant to be…?

Underneath you can enjoy four images by Doris Dannerbauer. More can be found on her website Zoombeispiel.

Thanks to the fifth issue of Filament Magazine, I know where I will order my next naughty toy (if the boyfriend is nice, he might get a present too): Luxotiq!

The products simply look beautiful. Being a bit of an expert, I am convinced they are not only pleasing to the eye…

Glass and steel make my heart go boom. The penis rings crafted from semi-precious stones arise curiosity – the black agate ring is on my must-have list. The silicon toys are phthalates free.

Have a look on the Luxotiq website and dream sweet dreams…

N.B.: according to a colleague of mine the anal plugs might need a cord. The base seems to look quite small, which could mean that there is a risk of the plug sliding in completely. I doubt it though, just decide for yourself.

Sexy, natural, cute… Mhh, want to touch…

Source: Mostly Straight

Deciding where and how to publish a book is not an easy task. Every option seems to have its advantages and disadvantages, like everything in life. After weeks of research I have decided to publish the first version of Import Girl, my very first novel, on I am hoping for comments and suggestions I can work with before taking the big step and sending it to publishers :)

For the free online version, click here. I am looking forward to your reactions!

What happened here…

To have a quick preview, click here.


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"Lust is a lovely word and makes love so much more interesting."

~ Michael Faudet


"I love the male body. It's better designed than the male mind."

- Andrea Newman

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"The male nude is not shown as frequently as the female nude, so the conditioning is not there for most women as it is for men."

- Vivienne Maricevic


"Within cultural practice generally, a male's body is not anatomized nor is it ever made into an object of study in the same way as female bodies."

- Maxine Sheets-Johnstone


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