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So beautiful...

“Like countless American children, I grew up hearing the nursery rhyme that claimed that little boys were made of “snips and snails and puppy-dog tails” while girls were “sugar and spice and everything nice.” Attached as I was as a small boy to our pet dachshund, I thought puppy-dog tails were a fine thing indeed, but the point of the rhyme wasn’t lost on me. Boys were dirty, girls were clean and pure.

We’re raised in a culture that both celebrates and pathologizes male “dirtiness.” On the one hand, boys were and are given license to be louder, rowdier, and aggressive. We’re expected to get our hands dirty, to rip our pants and get covered in stains. We enjoy a freedom to be dirty that even now, our sisters often do not. No mistake, that’s male privilege.”

This is the start of a very open and honest article by Hugy Schwyzer about how we in our society are taught to think that the male body is dirty compaired to the aesthetic and beautiful female body. I can only say this: please read this article!

Finally Naked Men, Happy Women has an official page on facebook!

Naked Men, Happy Women is very happy when the images that are chosen to appear on this blog stimulate the viewer’s imagination and fantasies. In fact, it is awesome. Naked Men, Happy Women is not happy with and far from interested in comments that explicitly tell what bodily reactions people experience or what sexual acts they want to perform with the man being shown in the post.

So please do not send these type of comments; they automatically go in the spam folder anyway.

Thank you.


Beautiful, cute, funny, erotic, sexy pictures – for every one’s sexual interest:

Sex is not the enemy

Great website!

The Reversa advertisement inspired me to write an erotic recipe. Check out my Melted Woman on the webiste and tell me what you think!

It was not easy for me to decide which male body part I find most arousing to look at. You already know I like the popo, but I also love legs, arms, wrists and hands… Hmm, I think I simply like everything… Yes, I am a fan of the male body! But still, I have promised to share my number 1 turn on male body part with you. So here it is:

The Belly!

A six-pack does not do much for me, although it does fascinate me, together with the pelvis muscles. Absolutely stunning! What I like best though, is a normal, flat belly. A bit like in the picture above.
I love the soft skin, the soft black hairs underneath the belly button, and slowly but surely seeing more of them while letting my gaze move down in the direction of the … mhh :)
That is problaby the reason why I consider the male belly to be so sexy and such a turn-on: because it leads the way to another very nice body part…

So, how about you?

Just watch and enjoy his gorgeous body! Me happy \o/

See! I am not the only one :)

Interview with Francesca Rizzo

In my opinion women are very visual indeed. We look, and we observe, and we undress you men in our minds just as you do with us ladies. I think that men probably don’t really know what exactly we like to look at – and when it comes to male-orientated porno they probably also do not care, which is actually okay for otherwise it would not be male-orientated – and for that we women should admit we are partially to blame. If we do not tell them what we like to see, how can they know? We are probably not even sure, or honest, about this towards ourselves.

I would like to urge you to have a look on Francesca Rizzo’s homepage, for she proves my point:

If you scroll down, you will find a series of photos with a naked male model, shot by a male photographer. Underneath you see the pictures a female photographer has made of the same model, to show what she finds erotic. Very different, and very fascinating, or?

We should take out our cameras and “shoot” men the way we perceive them as hot, beautiful and erotic – and we should do this a lot more!

The interview with Francesca inspired me to start thinking of a Top Ten Male Body Parts that women find sexy to look at. So feel free to share your Top Ten – or your number 1 hottest male body part – on NMHW! Mine will come soon!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your beloved ones! And: I wish you a very happy, sexy and naked New Year ;)

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Warning: adult content

All people under the age of 18, or those of you who feel offended by seeing nudity and erotic images, are adviced to not view the content of this blog.


"Lust is a lovely word and makes love so much more interesting."

~ Michael Faudet


"I love the male body. It's better designed than the male mind."

- Andrea Newman

NMHW’s Short Erotic Story

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"The male nude is not shown as frequently as the female nude, so the conditioning is not there for most women as it is for men."

- Vivienne Maricevic


"Within cultural practice generally, a male's body is not anatomized nor is it ever made into an object of study in the same way as female bodies."

- Maxine Sheets-Johnstone


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