See! I am not the only one :)

Interview with Francesca Rizzo

In my opinion women are very visual indeed. We look, and we observe, and we undress you men in our minds just as you do with us ladies. I think that men probably don’t really know what exactly we like to look at – and when it comes to male-orientated porno they probably also do not care, which is actually okay for otherwise it would not be male-orientated – and for that we women should admit we are partially to blame. If we do not tell them what we like to see, how can they know? We are probably not even sure, or honest, about this towards ourselves.

I would like to urge you to have a look on Francesca Rizzo’s homepage, for she proves my point:

If you scroll down, you will find a series of photos with a naked male model, shot by a male photographer. Underneath you see the pictures a female photographer has made of the same model, to show what she finds erotic. Very different, and very fascinating, or?

We should take out our cameras and “shoot” men the way we perceive them as hot, beautiful and erotic – and we should do this a lot more!

The interview with Francesca inspired me to start thinking of a Top Ten Male Body Parts that women find sexy to look at. So feel free to share your Top Ten – or your number 1 hottest male body part – on NMHW! Mine will come soon!