Now guys, you may not like this solution, but the advantage should appeal to you: we would not be tired or have a headache when you get home and want some “special” attention… Catch my drift? Think about it…;)

The following video is from Sin Sensuality, a lingerie label. I think it is very well made – could be longer and a bit more explicit to be perfect ;)



Assertive, showing desire and confidence :)

Stephan Labossiere, a certified Life and Relationship Coach and author of the Award Winning book with the fascinating title “How to get a woman to have sex with you… if you are her husband” reveals twelve ways how a man can make a woman melt without touching her. In other words, he explains twelve attributes that makes a man sexually wanted by a woman. I affirm :)

1. Intelligence – knowledge is power, and it can definitely intrigue a woman.

2. Being considerate – being mindful of her feelings and doing small gestures to show her you’re thinking about her can easily win you some points.

3. Assertiveness – knowing how to be assertive and putting your foot down at the right time (in the right way) can cause a woman to melt right before your eyes.

4. Appearance – a lot of women are looking at your shoes whether you realize it or not… (omg, that’s true!)

5. Ambition – having passion and a purpose gives off the energy of a man who is about handling his business, and a woman loves to see that.

6. Being a Handyman – knowing how to get your hands dirty comes off as very manly and naturally women are drawn to masculine energy.

7. Humor – making a woman laugh can get you a long way.

8. Showing Desire, not Desperation – Understanding how to show desire without crossing the line of desperation will work in your favor.

9. Communication – seduce her mind with effective communication.

10. Good Hygiene – many women are sensitive to smell.

11. Confindence – confidence presents itself, confidence is sexy.

12. Commitment – not to the relationship/her, but to anything positive in your life.

Here you can read the whole article.

On a side note: if you have read the book mentioned above, please let me know how you liked it!




All used and wasted…

… and so does she :)



 More lovely beards – plus their lovely owners – you can find here on

Not much to see but erotic nonetheless…




Not so long ago I overheard some guys talking about  cars. Supposedly certain cars are pussy openers… First thought was: I like Aston Martins, old Jaguars and old Maserati’s, but none of them would make me want to spread my legs for the guy who is driving them. Okay, Daniel Craig would be difficult to resist, but not because he is driving a pretty car. He could drive an old truck, wearing some torn up jeans and an old t-shirt and would still be sexy enough to make me want to surrender myself to him.

Sorry, but no way...

Sorry, but no way…

It made me wonder what kind of women do open their pussies because of what car the man is driving, or what suit he is wearing, what job he has or how much money he carries around in his wallet. Or more specific, what their motive is. I have read often enough that women find status, money, power sexy. I would like to know why. All I can think of, is because it makes the woman feel good about herself, because she gets media attention, because he buys her expensive presents or because she can buy anything she wants. It is some sort of self-love, it has nothing to do with him.

Do you guys really want that? Don’t you want a woman to have the hots for you because of you, who you are?

Now that's better...

Now that’s better…

Okay, by using those assets mentioned above you can probably get a woman who is otherwise “out of your reach”. I find it a bit pathetic, but hey, I am not a guy and I am not the kind of woman who might be out of someone’s reach, so I can’t say much about it. I just know that for me to open my pussy, I only need humour, charm, some intelligence and the element of surprise. And he has to smell just right :)







What is she going to do to him…

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