NMHW New Look

NMHW has been having the same look for years now. So today I have chosen a new design. I hope you like it!

And… because in exactly one month I’ll be celebrating my last birthday starting with a three and my best friends feels we should celebrate it with a threesome, I had to post one of my favourite photos ;)


I doubt De Sade had a problem with the penis…

The following video has been made to promote the current Marquis de Sade Exposition in Musée d’Orsay in Paris – France. It shows nudity, including female sex organs (breasts and vulva) as usual, but… no penises. I am wondering why… Sigh.

But other than that, it is nicely made. So enjoy it anyway.

About the birds and the bees – and penis power

PENIS_POWERToday someone shared the following video on Facebook. Not only is it interesting and funny (I really wish human males had a hectolotylus penis like the paper nautilus has – we would get all the pleasure and no annoyances *wink* *wink* & *sticking my tongue out*), almost at the end Carin Bondar (is she hawt or what!) says a few things that could explain why the penis in general continues to be such a huge issue. This sentence is what I would like you to think about:

So it seems that if you take away the penis power from the male (like in a matriarch society), you take away all the social power he has.”

Image men being treated the same way as women. Imagine male nudity being treated the way female nudity is being treated. The penis loses its special status, its power, and society is not patriarchal anymore. Men would lose all the social power they have. So no wonder men are being so anal about their penis. Or?

Remember what I wrote in 2009, The Search for Cock: “I sometimes catch myself thinking that by keeping their pants on, men subconsciously try to keep women under their thumb. It is a fact that women are not given equal chances, job positions or wages. We try to catch up though. Maybe that’s why men don’t show their sexy goodies, like they are saying: ‘you can get my job and maybe, someday, even receive the same payment for it, but you won’t get my cock.'”

There it is.