So I am going to take this shirt off if that’s OK with you…?


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The following TV commercial for Zesty Italian Dressing with Anderson Davis is… breathtaking!!!! I simply can’t believe my eyes! I feel… happy! Yes, I am a happy woman – because of a half naked man and a dressing! Please, let’s get zesty!

And men, be inspired by this. I am telling you: your woman will love you so hard for cooking… like this ;)


The next TV commercial for Old Spice with Mustafa is sexy, but mostly hilarious! Oh god, my day off ist starting off so nicely :)


Also nice: Diet Coke. But it does not come close to Zesty…





I did not read Fifty Shades of Grey – and I intend not to do so any time soon – because I fear it is a badly written book that deals with dominance and submission in a very cliché manner. I hardly have the time to read a good book, so why waste a minute on Shades?
To my wonderful surprise George Takei did have a little peek… Enjoy Fifty Shades of Takei :)

The Film Fifty Shades of Grey will enter the theatres on February 14, 2015. Just for the sake of it, I will share the trailer with you here. Maybe you’d like to share some first impressions/thoughts with NMHW?


I do have to say I would like to be taken in an elevator some day… But not by Mr Grey…



SEparee_1No more Filament Magazine, no more Feigenblatt Magazin and certainly no more Play Girl. Alley Cat has published one issue only, which I think was in 2010. Same goes for the Austrian magazine Reizvoll in Summer 2013. Eden sensual magazin got two issues published.
Eventhough women seem to be interested in tasteful erotic magazines, male nudity included, they seem to have a hard time surviving. But whatever problems their predecessors may have had, it did not stop Ute Gliwa and Janina Gatzky from publishing the first two issues of a new german erotic magazine for women, Séparée.
Their motivation: women are lustful and love sensualism just as men, but also different than men. That’s why they believe it is time for a erotic magazine by women for women – in which men can have their say as well of course.


The content of Séparée so far is quite good. There is not too much advertisement, well-written articles and interesting interviews, erotic stories and of course erotic, artistic photopgraphy. I would wish for more explicit imageries to be able to get aroused, but if I am not mistaken that may get to be a problem because of how much penis c.q. erection is permitted in this type of magazine.

The only real downside for me is that the cover does not look appealing. It looks like any glossy magazine, not erotic at all. Imagine the couple of the second issue wearing clothes: for me it would not make a difference. The couple of the first issue remind me of the adolescent couple from the Twilight Saga – not that interesting for a woman close to 40. Other than that I do feel the layout of the cover does not fit to the more basic and attractive look of the content layout. But this is just my personal taste and in the end, the content is of more importance.


I wish the two editors of Séparée lots of luck and I really do hope there will be many issues, because magazines like this one truly are a market niche. The only big problem that stands in their way, is that too many women are still not allowing themselves to openly enjoy sexuality, eroticism, pornography and most of all male nudity – (erect) penis included. But then I am working on it and together we will get there! If not in this life, then definitely the next :)


There have always been very naughty boys :)





The following images are from a male submission tumblr. The site is worth checking out, but be warned: there is some heavy stuff there as well.


You wait here until…




For my wife :)

For my wife :)






Blah blah blah – shut your mouth, bitch



“What the hell do I want with an apple?!”

And one for all the Jason Stackhouse fans ;)


*wink* at the wife

I stopped watching True Blood in the middle of the fourth season I think. I got a bit bored with it. Just now I found out I missed a sexy dream though… wow…

You need to log in though to see it, which is stupid because it is not explicit…

And here is an article by Joanna Robinson, who shares my opinion. Thumbs up!


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